4th Quarter

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  • Alabama & Nick Saban Win National Title


    The big plays are what won this game for Alabama. Bad coverage breakdowns really hurt Clemson.

    Take away the time clock mistake by the refs and the Tigers could have been up at half. Deshaun Watson fought hard but at the end of the day it was not enough.

    The Heisman Memorial Trophy Award, is awarded annually to the most outstanding player in college football. That most certainly was Derrick Henry this year but not tonight. The Clemson defence kept the tigers in the game by shutting down Heisman Trophy winner Derrick Henry. However Clemson’s defence also gave the game away with two very big breakdowns in the secondary that let O.J. Howard get wide open for very big plays. Special Teams didn’t help Clemson either. Crimson Tide running back Kenyan Drake ran for a 95-yard kickoff return for a touchdown.


    Alabama and Clemson proved why the playoffs were so important. The two best teams made it to the final game. The back-and-forth tug of war between the two teams was everything you could want from the game. Crimson Tide gave all they had in the tank to win the game 45-40 victory over the hungry Clemson Tigers team. The College Football Playoffs are here to stay.  It’s the Crimson Tide’s fourth national championship in only seven seasons. It’s hard enough to get to a hard enough to get to a great bowl game in NCAA football. The Crimson Tide have won the big National Championship game 16 times in school history. Nick Saban accounts for four of those. Only the late great Paul “Bear” Bryant has more by just 2. Look for Nick Saban to go for one more next year with the Crimson Tide. Like the Crimson Tide, The SEC has been dominant as well. This is the SEC’s seven straight National Championship.


    Clemson quarterback Deshaun Watson had the team on his back but it was not enough. Clemson on the other hand must really hate the College Football Playoffs. They become the only the second team since major classification began in 1937 to start 14-0 and not win a national title.

  • Drones From The Sky


    “This is horrible. This can never happen again. This can be a serious injury.” ~Hirscher

    Four-time World Cup champion skier Marcel Hirscher was doing his thing in a slalom race in Madonna di Campiglio, Italy.Marcel Hirscher was minding his own business, when he was almost killed by a news drone that fell out the sky. We have no idea on why or how the drone fell. This is not the first time with a close call. In 2014 an Australian triathlon was injured when a drone smashed into her face. Luckily, Hirscher avoided a this drone or rather the drone avoided collision with Hirscher. This does shine a light on why its a good idea to have drones registered and bad idea to fly drones over sporting events.