WWDC: Live (This is what happened)


Here is the update of what is going on at WWDC. Let’s see how many were correct in my prediction from this morning. Anything in green means I was right.

  • Integration with Facebook like we with Twitter.
  • Hardware, Hardware, hardware! New hardware redesign.
  • iOS 6 new look  metallic sliver just like the  WWDC app.
  • Mail VIP: Filter for your mail by people named in your VIP list.
  • Siri for iPad with iOS6
  • iCloud will do more and highly integrated with iOS 6.
  • Facetime now works over cellular.
  • GM, Ford, Toyota & Mercedes Benz all to get Siri by next year.
  • Siri can now launch apps!
  • Siri now plays nice with OpenTable and Yelp. No word on if Siri will have an open API. I doubt that it will
  • MacBook Pro but as light as a MacAir. It has HDMI! You have USB 2/3, Thunderbolt, SD card slot. Cost of all that Super MacBook Pro goodness $2,199
  • Built in turn-by-turn navigation!! Works from the lock screen and Siri too
  • iOS 6 Beta comes out today. (If you are developer)

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