The Importance of Social Media Bumpers and Lower Thirds

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I wrote a few articles lately around social media engagement.  Specifically as it relates to Instagram.  But the idea of engagement is huge from a social media perspective.  There are many different ways to engage your customers or consumers, but finding what works best for you might be difficult.  There are so many different tactics and suggestions from experts, that sifting through it all can be time consuming.  And maybe even confusing, if you’re not social media savvy.  In today’s post, I am going to specifically talk about how using a video bumper can help with social media engagement.

social media bumper

First of all, I should explain what a bumper is, and how it can be used from a social media perspective.  In broadcasting, a bumper is usually a brief announcement.  Depending on the type of bumper you’re using, that dictates where it is located and if it contains other elements like a voice over.  They are usually brief (about 15 seconds) in length.  Specifically, a social media bumper directs your traffic to your social media page(s).  It’s a great marketing tool as it allows people to gain awareness of your pages and it promotes engagement from your audience.  Bumpers are sometimes displayed during your video, but they can also be seen at the end.  It all depends on where you want the information displayed.  Or what kind of video you’re showing.  Perhaps you want to direct people to your content during the video.… Read the rest

African American Stunt Woman, Joi Harris Dies on the Set of Dead Pool 2

joi harris

Sad news this week.  Joi “SJ” Harris died while filming as a stunt double for Dead Pool 2.  Joi was from Brooklyn, and was hailed as the “first licensed African American women in the U.S. to actively compete in sanction motorcycle road racing events”.  Joi was doubling for actress Zadie Beetz on set when she lost control of her bike during a stunt.  She then jumped a curb and was thrown through a plate glass window at Shaw Tower in Vancouver.  She wasn’t wearing a helmet during the stunt, and police have reported that she died on the scene.

What makes this story even more sad was that witnesses told local reporters that Joi did the stunt perfectly four times, but on the fifth try, something went wrong.   Ryan Reynolds gave the following statement: “Today, we tragically lost a member of the crew while filming Deadpool. We’re heartbroken, devastated…but recognize nothing can come close to the grief and inexplicable pain her family and loved ones must feel in this moment. My heart pours out to them — along with each and every person she touched in this world.”

According to an article in Black Girls Ride magazine, Joi stated “I am everything people never saw in this sport.  Sisters on the track are few and far in between.  I want to show them that there’s more for them to be exposed to.  I want to get kids interested through experience”.  … Read the rest

You Can Watch Up to Four Screens with ESPN’s New Apple TV App

If you’re into sports, you’re going to love this.  ESPN’s new Apple TV app lets you watch up to four different streams within the same screen.  That is, if you have a pay subscription with some TV provider that has ESPN and you have to have the most recent version of Apple TV.  But if you do, you’re in for a treat.   Over all, the app looks pretty user friendly.  This isn’t the first app to use the multicast feature in Apple TV.  There is also an MLB app, but it only allows you to watch two screens at once.  And the ESPN app is pretty neat.  Have a look for yourself:

It may look really cool, but would you watch that much TV all at once?  Further do you NEED to watch that much TV all at once?  Also, it is only ESPN, so if you want to watch the news and a football game, you’re out of luck.  But during the fall, ESPN shows up to 55 college football games in a day.  So maybe it is something that you need to do?

I also wonder how many people are going to use this?  I mean, is it worth ESPN putting a lot of money into it’s production?  Don’t get me wrong.  I really like the idea, I just wonder if there are that many hard core sports fanatics out there that would watch four different games (or whatever) all at once.  … Read the rest

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