Quake Live – A First Person Shooter on a Browser

quake live

Quake live, A First Person Shooter on a Browser has a relatively high chance of being a HUGE success.
If you are at work, this is gonna be what gamers play. Screw flash games. However, here at TechXav, we don’t play games while at work
All jokes aside, I got a chance to try this out and it is responsive. Quake is one of the founding fathers in First person shooters that everyone plays now and is made by the famous id software. It shaped first person shooters to what it is now with help from Doom and Halo.

Give it a try
http://www.quakelive.com/… Read the rest

2009 Xbox LIVE Update Preview

XBox Live Preview Update


My 360 told me Congratulations! You’ve been accepted to the 2009 Xbox LIVE Update Preview. Welcome, and we are glad that you are on board!

This morning my Xbox signed me out and updated it’s self then I was honored with the new Live update. I will be chronicling my experiences from now until it comes out to the public.

First I will go over what is in the Preview than I will go over what is missing.

What is part of the update?

  • Avatar Marketplace is great. I love that you can buy toys for your avatar. (160 MP is high though)
  • Netflix now lets you add to your queue. I tried it and it works instantly
  • User Ratings for movies, shows, games and content will be helpful when everyone has it
  • Games on demand are faster than most movie downloads and works well (tired with Halo)
  • Solutions. It’s a new blade that has well…tips and solutions to help you with the 360
  • Your gametag now has a number that represents how long you have been a member
  • I have not tried Parties yet but it’s said to be streamlined
  • You can now watch previews of games before you download a demo


What I am still waiting for


  • Twitter (I was really looking forward to that after E3)
  • Facebook (read what I said above)

Yeah that’s it. Closing thoughts the blades are a lot faster. I am sure I will find more…… Read the rest

PocketTwit vs. Twikini



If you own a Windows Mobile Device and you love twitter chances are that you have a mobile twitting program. There are two that are at the top of the pile that I will briefly review today.

Right off the bat both offer a rich graphical interface that is a welcome change from Twittday.
After using both of these great products I think that PocketTwit takes in terms of options that are offered to the user.

PocketTwit allows you to have multiple users. Check the timeline of anyone using Twitter, set up groups to send Twitts to, follow or unfollow right from the program. The speed is very fast but with the intensive graphic use I recommend an unlimited data plan.


Twikini starts up very fast and allows for updating the AIP at set amount of times. Some features that I think are a must that were missing were from Twikini was that you have no control over how much cache you want to store and where to save it. There is also no option for auto scroll it get real annoying scrolling to the top to read new tweets. PocketTwitt has these features and much more. So for me it’s a better fit but if you are not a power Twitter go with Twukini.… Read the rest

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