Visible Service Really Sucks! Visible Service is Great!

I realize the title of this post is a bit of a contradiction but bare with me. First things first. I’ve been a member of the once invite only offshoot of Verizon since day one. Those were some really difficult days. There were times when you would randomly have zero bars even if you were literally sitting under a cellular tower. The data rate offered was stated to be capped at 5mbs but you never ever got anywhere close to that. Data was consistently well below 2g speeds pretty much all the time.

However something started happening over the few months since Visible went live. The service became more reliable than the Sprint service I was keeping handy in case this experiment didn’t work out. The service become so useful and cost effective that I gave serious thought to use Visible exclusively. However what forced my hand was when they added Hot Spot as part of the service I cut off Sprint.

Now they’re have been some real concerns along the way. Concerns such as what if the service gets discontinued? Visible’s parent company is Verizon but they are so hands off, you’d be hard pressed to find any anything linking the two other then Visible stating they are using their network. Which is not saying much. A lot of companies lease out space to startup services. Concern number two; what if I need support? Would texting actually work? Well the answer is a resounding NO!

woman texting

Tech support over text fails and fails consistently. It takes 10 times longer to get any issue resolved. The response times to get a first acknowledgment of your issues is always over 24 hours or more. There are times it’s over weeks. The app text feature just does not work. I’ve never been able to get help on there. What’s more; how do you get support via text when your phone is having service issues?

It’s a broken system. The alternative is to get on a computer and contact Visible Support via Twitter. Here at least you get a response if you nag enough. I do mean nag. The Visible Support Twitter account never replies to the first message. Sometimes not the 3rd or 4th. However if you Tweet at Visible and Visible Support they tend to reply. Then starts the long wait of tying to explain your ordeal and the equally long wait to get it understood.

Most of these issues could be solved with a quick phone call on most other services. However the price of Visible is $40 a month for unlimited LTE data, hotspot, voice and text. For that price there must be concessions made. I just wish the service didn’t suck with such great service. Here is to hoping that either they fix the non functional chat feature on the app, the non existent one on the website and get more man power to help with Visible Support. Until Visible fixes its support issues I hesitate to offer this service without the warning; Visible service really sucks but also Visible service is great.

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