If you remember a product a while back called Coin. It was meant to replace your credit cards and rewards cards. However, it was plagued by delays and delays. 1 year later I had to finally say forget it. There is a new High-tech card that is starting to make a buzz for itself.  The Swpe card looks great on video but it will take a while before we can get our hands on this lovely card. Here is what we know so far. The Swyp will store credit cards, gift cards and rewards card in one small form factor.

The device has a screen and scroll buttons that let you put in a password should you need to use your card without your phone handy. Just like similar products hitting the market, you will need to scan credit cards and loyalty cards with magnetic strips card reader. The reader plugs into a phone’s headphone jack and stores your card info into an app. The app also lets you take pictures of your paper receipts so you can keep your funds balanced. The device can store up to 25 cards. Plastc can keep up to 20 and Coin on the other hand can only store 8 cards.


One of the many things that Swyp hopes to use to set it apart from the competitors is that you can override your card locking up if you walk away by simply entering a code. Swyp will also let you recharge battery. This is a big deal. Coin does not have a  rechargeable battery so when it runs out of power you have to buy another one. The last thing that will help Swyp move some units is that it will only be priced at $50 for now. Coin costs $100, while Plastc is $150. Now the bad news. The Swyp does not have chip-and-pin technology or  NFC support. That might explain the price discount.

By Rubens Saintel

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