Mission Impossible has had its ups and downs. This trailer for the 5th installment looks to take the action to a whole new level. Mission Impossible is coming out this summer ahead of James Bond Spectre, out in November, and the new Star Wars film, out in December. Smart move because those movies had an extra something that will make them blockbusters. MI5 will have to work a little hard. That said the trailer is way over the top in a good way. The Christopher McQuarrie-directed film will be called Mission: Impossible Rouge Nation. It comes out this July.

We didn’t know that much about the plot of the new movie until now.  Hunt and his team go up against a rogue syndicate intent on destroying them. Sean Harris is the leader of this rogue anti-IMF syndicate. Alec Baldwin drops by just enough for some facetime as head of the CIA. Rebecca Ferguson is the new female lead. However, Pegg,  Jeremy Renner, William Brandy and Ving Rhames all return to the party.

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