Taylor Swift’s albums are up for streaming on Jay Z’s Tidal. Take that Spotify! We wrote about Jay-Z buying Tidal a while ago. At the time we said he would use his influence to grow the music streaming service. Seems we were right. We are not sure if this is the ace up his sleeve but it is a pretty good card to play. Specially since Taylor made such a big stink about the streaming service Spotify. The mogul’s Tidal has the rights to stream most of her albums. With one of the worlds best-selling artists on the service to serve as an ambassador it should only help future deals with other A-list artist.

Taylor is not doing this out of the kindness of her heart or to screw over Spotify. She left Spotify last year because she is not a fan of free services. She still has her music streaming on Rhapsody and Beats Music. That said, Taylor’s mega hit album 1989 will still not make it to this or any streaming service. Tidal won’t be a free streaming service. It will actually be very expensive compared to other services. Tidal officially launches on March 30th. To kick things off everyone will get a 7-day free trial. Once that is over the service will cost you $20 a month. That’s twice the amount it will cost you to subscribe to Beats Music: an amount that’s presumably big enough to allow Tidal to offer artists better deals than its rivals.

By Rubens Saintel

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