With over 1.5 billion downloads, the Angry Birds franchise certainly needs no introduction. The only question that remains is: How many of you are going to download Angry Birds 2?

Angry Birds 2 is out! It should really be called Angry Bird 11. The Angry Bird games is the latest in a what seems to be an endless flow of apps. Rovio has survived in the mobile game space since the company released Angry Birds. That is a very hard feat to do achieve. Just as Zynga. Angry Birds has had different interpretations of the game almost like every year. They have had Star Wars, Transformers and there is even a Mario Kart version. This is finally the first sequel to the original people have been waiting for. Rovio hasn’t made a sequel for the original title that launched all the way back in 2009. You’re still throwing birds at pigs but there are so much more. The gameplay has been tweaked with new multi-stage levels. You now have spells and big Boss battles with pigs. Rovio is hoping that this Angry Birds 2 will recapture the first game’s great success.

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