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Amazon Prime Now Has Offline Viewing

amazon prime offline viewing

Prime members can download movies and TV episodes to iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets and Fire devices at no additional charge.[/pullquote]It’s not looking good for the folks at Netflix. First they miss out on Top Gear. The host of that show are headed over to Amazon to reboot it. Then they lose Epix movies and shows. Yes, that cleaver pun was intended. Okay, to be fair they decided not to continue the contract but still it’s not a win. Now comes word that it’s subscribers wishes are coming true but not with them. Netflix subscribers have been begging for ability to download movies and TV shows for offline viewing later. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to scramble to download a movie from somewhere to watch on a flight. Netflix has always held the stance that offline viewing is “never going to happen. ”

Amazon on the other hand is looking less and less like an underdog in this video streaming battle for our hearts, minds and most importantly wallets. Amazon has added the same feature Netflix said it would never have. If you have a Amazon Prime account you can now store movies and show titles on almost your mobile device. The new feature is supported on Apple iOS devices such as iPhone and iPads as well as Android devices. Keep in mind if you have an Android device you have to download the Amazon Video app from the Amazon Appstore. The Amazon app in Google Play has Prime Video but has not been updated to support the new offline feature yet. If you’re a frequent flyer this has just made your day. Get with the program Netflix and take note Apple. This is what customers want.