Your bed should be your sleeping sanctuary.  Well, relaxation, sleep, and sex are the three things that should take place in your bed. Easier said than done, right? Limiting yourself to these activities in your bed will take a lot of work.  Rooms and spaces are vulnerable to energy changes.  After all, there are some places that you don’t like to go to and even friends houses that you don’t like to visit.  There’s something about them that makes you uncomfortable.  There are also people that you would never want to bring into your home.  There’s just something about them.  Once that energy is in there, it’s hard to get out.  And because your bed is your most sacred space, you need to keep it free of bad energy.  We have a list of things that you should never bring into bed with you.


An Unclean Dog

I have never been one to allow pets into my bed, but some of you might.  If you can’t keep your dog (specifically) out of your bed, you should at least make sure you clean him off after he comes in from a walk.  Think of all the things that his feet may have touched – urine, feces, dirt, garbage and who knows what else?  Further, you should buy hypoallergenic, antibacterial wipes and keep them by your front door.  Wipe off your dog’s paws and unmentionable areas each time he comes inside your house.



You shouldn’t talk about money or finances in your bedroom.  You don’t want to bring that stress into your sanctuary.  Not talking about it might be the easy part, but also try not to think about them either.  If you’re in your bed, you’re going to sleep or maybe to get lucky.  Money talk (or thoughts) isn’t going to help with either of these activities.


Family Items

If we’re thinking about our bedrooms in terms of sex, we need to keep sentimental items out of that space. You won’t be any less close to your grandmother if you keep the blanket that she knit for you somewhere else.  It shouldn’t be in the place where you plan on hitting the sheets with your boyfriend or husband.  It will likely kill the mood when you roll over to get a condom and see your childhood blanket from grandma.

woman with purse

Your Purse

Your purse, like your dog, isn’t exactly clean.  It goes on the bus with you.  You put it next to you when you sit on a bench at the park.  It might even sit on a washroom floor if there isn’t a hook to hang it on.  Which means you don’t know what’s on these surfaces.  So don’t bring your purse to bed.  Your purse is also filled with items that remind you of your responsibilities, like receipts.  None of this is conducive to helping you relax.


The Underwear You Wore All Day

You should definitely change your underwear when you go to bed.  You’ve been sweating all day for sure.  Maybe some other things are happening down below.  Think about it from the perspective that you might want to get intimate with your partner, and no one wants to be in that area if it’s unclean.  Better yet, take a shower and then put on some clean undergarments.  You’ll feel better too and likely sleep better.

woman watching tv in bed

The Remote

I haven’t had a TV in my bedroom for about 6 months now and I kind of like it.  I have been watching shows on my tablet as a way to decompress and zone out after a long day, but it’s not good for sleeping.  What might be just as bad is the idea that a TV could kill your sex life.  I am in a long distance relationship, so this isn’t an immediate concern for me.  But if you do live with your partner, a TV becomes a distraction.  There will always be one more program to watch or just ten more minutes left in a movie.  It will take away the time you have to focus on each other.



You should leave your work out of the bedroom as well.  Especially a work phone!  I have recently set up an area in my home office where I charge all of my devices.  Part of the reason for this is to keep the devices out of my bedroom, but the other reason is to keep all of my devices in an organized place.  If you need to work from home, like some of us do – finish the call from your living room.  Don’t let the stress of your work encroach into where you sleep or are intimate with your partner.  It’s hard to keep your work at the office sometimes, so if you have to bring it home, just make sure you don’t bring it into your bedroom. It associates that space with stress, which is where that negative energy comes in.



I have had a hard time breaking this habit, but with no TV in my room, it’s easier to also not eat in my bed.  Think about where your food particles are going.  If you drop something into your bed, it can attract bugs and maybe even some worse creatures.  Maybe not into your bed, but certainly into your home.  Keeping your bed clean will make it feel like a relaxing place.  Also, make sure that you wash your bedsheets on a regular basis.  Not only is that good for your skin, it will also help keep your bed clean.



We have all wanted to cozy up on our bed with friends so you can gossip about our other friends, but you should keep that for the couch.  The big reason is that you don’t know where your friend has been.  Maybe on a dirty park bench?  You’re also not going to ask your friend to change their clothes, just so they can sit on your bed.  It’s also your partner’s sanctuary, so you should treat it that way.


Your Toothbrush

I’m starting to sound like a germaphobe, but I’m really not.  Your mouth is dirty, so you should keep your teeth brushing to the washroom.  Germs can fly out of your mouth and onto your pillow, which is where you rest your face when you sleep.  Just think about that the next time you start brushing your teeth in your bedroom.


Your Hairbrush

You probably didn’t know that there are tons of particles and allergens that land on your head throughout the day.  Ideally, you should brush your hair outside, but if you can’t do that, keep it out of your bedroom at least.  Like I said with food and your teeth – germs can land anywhere – including on your pillow.


Your Devices (Including Your Phone)

I do bring my phone to my bedroom, but it stays on my nightstand.  It comes with me for a few reasons, but one of them is because it acts as an alarm clock for me.  That being said, I have purposely removed both Twitter and Instagram from my phone so I am not tempted to use it instead of trying to sleep.  That said, I still bring my tablet with me.  Sometimes I use it to read, but mostly I’ve been using it to watch TV.  It’s not a great idea – one I definitely need to stop.



Many wise people say that you shouldn’t go to bed angry.  Sometimes, you don’t have time to finish the fight before you need to go to bed.  At least don’t continue arguing when you’re in bed.  Agree to be silent once you get into your bed.  This one is a lot easier said than done.  I have a hard time dropping an argument unless my partner and I have come to a resolution.  Let me know if you can do this, and what you did to achieve it.  I’m very curious!



I’m not even talking about working out.  You shouldn’t even read fitness magazines in bed, or talk about your diet in bed.  You will wind up talking yourself out of the body confidence that you have, and the confidence that you need to keep your sex life active.





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