There is nothing more frustrating than getting a notification on a device that suggests something isn’t working.  Especially when it’s not something that you have caused.  The internet is a great resource to help you figure out what’s going on, but shouldn’t technology just work?  Maybe I’m being overly simplistic with my thought process here, but we buy these devices from companies that spend a lot of money so shouldn’t they work?  The optimist in me says yes, but the realist (some say negative) side of me says that it’s not that simple.  Which is why it’s so incredibly frustrating that some iPhone X users aren’t able to use Face ID after updating to iOS 11.2.

iOS 11.2 was released on December 2nd, and instead of being able to use Face ID, the phone says “Unable to activate Face ID on this iPhone”. Huh?  While the fix is relatively simple, this kind of feature not working kind of makes me mad.  This is the feature that Apple has been promoting since June and it feels like they haven’t been able to deliver.  Which is just another disappointment for Apple, in my opinion.  I don’t want to get into it too much, but the fact that the iPhone X wasn’t readily available on launch day felt like a failure.  Maybe I’m being too hard on Apple, but like I said – if you’ve been promoting these features since June they had better work (or be available) once it’s time to launch.


What is the fix exactly?  Honestly, it’s just a simple reboot.  This kind of makes me laugh as this is what your IT department suggests if you’re running into any kind of issues with your computer.  Yes, the fix is simple, but why do we have to fix these issues anyway?  You might also remember the root security issue with macOS.  Again, why is it our responsibility to find a workaround?  Yes, Apple came through with a fix rather quickly, but don’t they spend a lot of time testing out these new features? Especially with Face ID.  I honestly thought they had gone through a battery of tests just to make sure that it worked.  I mean, we were seeing people putting on masks in order to try to figure out if Face ID would work.  It seemed pretty flawless.

That is until they pushed out an iOS update.  Like, I said, the fix is to simply turn off your iPhone X and then turn it back on.  But if Face ID still doesn’t work after restarting, you will need to contact Apple Support as there may be a bigger issue.  Apple pushed out this iOS update ahead of normal schedule.  The crashing bug was so severe that it demanded Apples urgent attention.  I’m glad to see Apple putting effort into that issue, but it seems they have created another issue.

This post might sound like I’m blowing this out of proportion, and I assure you, I’m not.  I am more annoyed by the fact that Apple doesn’t seem to have it together lately.  It feels like they’re pushing out more products all at once.  I mean, I am grateful to have a cheaper alternative to the iPhone X, but did we really need an iPhone 8 at the same time?  I wonder if things are starting to change at Apple and they are less about wanting to bring technology to the world, and more about pushing limits.

By Staff Writer

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