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There is this odd notion that you have to either use a DSLR or an iPhone when taking photos. But why can’t you use both?  Some would even argue that the best camera that you have, is the one that is actually on your person.  In most cases, that is an iPhone.  The advantage to using an iPhone is that you didn’t have to carry large amounts of equipment as well.  But on the other hand, there is this idea that maybe the quality isn’t quite as good.  But, as we’ve seen over the last couple of years, these phones are getting better.  That doesn’t mean that you should retire your DSLR, but I think it’s important to look at each based on their own merits rather than having to choose one or the other.


Regardless of whether you’re a photographer or not, you care what kinds of pictures your phone can take.  An iPhone is going to let you take more candid photos than if you’re using a DSLR.  Like I said, it’s always with you, so you’ve got it in your pocket and can snap a picture at any time.  It also makes it less obvious that you’re actually shooting something.  Rather, you’re simply taking a photo.  DSLR’s are quite bigger, and you need to be prepared to carry them around with you.  You also need to take lenses with you because sometimes you need a specific lens.  It’s hard to predict what you’re going to want or need in those moments, so you are faced with having a bulk load of camera equipment with you.


What’s interesting about photography, in general, is that who is taking the picture may want or require something different.  For example, the average consumer likely relies on the camera in order to take the picture, whereas a seasoned photographer knows how to use the camera to take the picture.  It’s less about the “thing” and rather is an aide in the larger photography process.  Which is why we have things like iPhones that can take a picture.  Consumers want to be able to take a photo with their camera and have it look good.  Minimizing the work for them. Photographers essentially want the same thing, but they have a better understanding of how to make it look good and what is required.  It’s more about the artistry.


Another thing to think about when it comes to these two different cameras is how often you’re taking a photo.  For a lot of people, that’s every day. I know that if I go to the beach, I snap a photo of the scenery so I can remember that day.  Or I saw an incredible sky the other day as the sun was coming up.  This isn’t something that I would use a DSLR for, but the idea of photography doesn’t stop because you don’t have your DSLR with you.  Or at least it shouldn’t.  Rather than pitting these two against each other, we should be using them in tandem.  It should be an “and” not a “versus”, don’t you think?

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