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In part three of this series, we look at some interesting podcasts.  From gaming to wrestling, to even exploring one host’s attempt to read the porn that his father wrote, there are some pretty interesting and entertaining podcasts in this list.  Analog(ue) might be my most favorite on this list.  Make sure to tell us which one you like the most.

shut up and sit down

Shut Up and Sit Down

When I think of listening to a podcast about board games, I automatically think about falling asleep.  But Shut Up and Sit Down has changed my mind.  It has three extremely informed hosts, and they discuss the design and mechanics of board games.  I love this podcast because I am a huge board game nerd.  I want to play board games all the time.  But alas, I have a job and some kind of a life, so this isn’t feasible.  That said, this does scratch the itch that I need.  The hosts have a background in video games too, so that gets thrown into the mix as well on occasion.  This podcast is about the tactile nature of the tabletop game, so put down the Xbox One controller and grab a game of Monopoly… or better yet – just listen!

cheap heat

Cheap Heat

While I am not a fan of wrestling myself, that doesn’t mean that I secretly judge people who are.  But wrestling is one of those things where it’s taboo to be a fan of.  Which means, having a podcast is a great way to share your fandom with other like-minded wrestling fans and that’s why Cheap Heat is one of the best around.  Peter Rosenberg blends an unending affection for the WWE while also embracing its silliness.

my dad wrote a porno

My Dad Wrote a Porno

What would you do, if your dad suddenly self-published an erotic novel?  I mean, the thought of that makes me want to throw up in my mouth.  The answer to the question isn’t to read it out to the world, chapter by chapter, but that’s what James Morton did.  And he brings two of his horrified and bewildered friends along for the ride.  The result is this wildly popular podcast, which is actually in its second season.  It’s hilarious and cringe-worthy.  Where will he take this podcast?  Tune in to find out.

song exploder

Song Exploder

Song Exploder’s 15-minute episodes take individual songs and break them down into their constituent parts.  From there, they ask the artists to tell them the stories behind them.  This is a podcast that you probably won’t want to listen to all the time, but you will want to listen to it if/when your favorite bands are highlighted.  This is a podcast for people who are hardcore music fans, and anyone who loves The National.



A lot of tech podcasts examine their subjects with a microscope.  They often dive head first into specs and release dates, but Analog(ue) takes a step back by discussing how technology fits into everyday life.  The hosts are British, hence the dual spelling of the podcast title. The unstructured feel and range of topics give this podcast the vibe of two guys talking, rather than a structured podcast.  The diversity of the hosts’ background, does mean that it can go into weird and wonderful places.



Science and philosophy are the biggest concerns of this podcast, and radio show from WNYC.  That said, it’s not at all dense or exclusive.  The idea is to make topics within these areas accessible to everyone and even approachable.  There is a lot of talking, but the tight editing style and use of experimental music definitely keep things moving along swiftly.  If you like This American Life (and I do!) you will find Radiolab in the same category.  It’s both thought-provoking and compelling.

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