hulu and spotify

I keep saying the same thing over and over again, but it’s gone from something we can speculate on to being the truth.  The way we consume media has changed dramatically over the last couple of years.  For the most part, gone are the days of ordering a cable or satellite TV package.  We now live in an age where we pick and choose what we want to watch.  Maybe that’s Netflix, Amazon or Hulu.  Or maybe you just want to watch HBO, well now that is our reality.  But this applies to music as well.  Instead of “owning” music, like we did in the old days, we now stream it.  Whether you’re using Apple Music, Amazon Prime or Spotify, you are streaming music through a service.

Thinking about how we consume television though, it makes me wonder why we didn’t do this years ago.  We don’t buy TV to watch as soon as a new show would come out. We would access it through a subscription  – even if that was only through your cable TV provider.  Ok, I’m getting a bit off topic, but I think that we should really understand how entertainment has changed over the last few years, and realize that we’re living in a different time.


That said, two companies are teaming up to give you access to music and TV.  Who exactly?  As the title suggests – Spotify and Hulu.  They teamed up last year to offer a discounted bundle to students, but now they’re offering it to the rest of us.  The bundle will cost you $12.99/month.  What you will get is Spotify Premium, plus the entry level Hulu package.  This is a savings of about $5, as the regular cost is $18/month. As part of this deal, Spotify Premium subscribers can trial Hulu for three months, and it will cost you only $0.99/month.

The new subscription plan, Spotify Premium, now with Hulubrings the two popular services together and allows subscribers to enjoy a world of ad-free music on Spotify Premium, as well as the more than 75,000 current and classic hit television shows and movies on Hulu’s ad-supported service – all through a single $12.99-a-month subscription plan. Beginning today, existing Spotify Premium subscribers not only have early access to the $12.99-a-month bundle, eligible subscribers can also take advantage of a 99-cent promotional offer to try the Hulu Limited Commercials plan for three months as an introduction to the bundle.


There are a few conditions, of course.  To start, you have to be an existing Spotify Premium subscriber in order to purchase the bundle.  Everyone else will have this same offer in the summer.  The second condition is that it’s only available in the United States.  And the last condition is that it’s only available to monthly subscribers.  Which means, if you have an annual subscription, you’re out of luck.  If you’re lucky enough to still be in the running, after you meet these conditions, it’s actually a really good deal.