fifa 19

fifa 19

If you’re a FIFA 19 esports fan, then EA has some good news for you.  EA has announced details about a new competition exclusive to PlayStation 4 that will start on Saturday, October 6th.  This competition will be a qualifier for a new tournament, the Continental Cup 2018 Presented by Playstation that will take place during Paris Games Week from October 26-28.  Players will compete to secure one of 31 spots.  In the days and weeks leading up to the Paris event, PlayStation will host up to 30 different PS4 live and online EA Sports FIFA 19 events around the world. PlayStation will also sponsor various EA Sports FIFA 19 events globally throughout the 2018 to 2019 season.

But the good news doesn’t stop there.  EA has also issued its first title update.  The good news is that it patches out Petr Cech’s silly helmet.  The Arsenal goalkeeper had tweeted to joke about the fact that in FIFA 19’s career mode, he wears his protective helmet and it looks ridiculous.  The patch, which is live now for the PC version (and will be available for the console versions soon) ditches the helmet and gives Cech a tie.

In other news, the title doesn’t make that many changes to actual gameplay, btut the developers did want to give the game a chance to settle down in order to let players used to it.  However, the update does make several crucial bug fixes. Have you noticed how your players will often do an awkward, weak side foot shot when you expect a laces shot? That was one bug, and it’s now been fixed.

Here is a list of other bugs that have now been fixed:

  • The power bar for Set Piece Kicks in an Online Match was sometimes incorrectly going to 100% when the player had requested less power.
  • Sometimes, when the player requests a regular (laces) shot, they will get an inside of the foot shot animation instead.
  • Some Traits that no longer had any functionality in gameplay were still displaying in the Front End.
  • Some Traits that did have functionality in gameplay were not displaying in the Front End.
  • In Rivals, some reward options contain four rewards but only three were displaying in the front end.
  • Trying to swap duplicate items from the New Items screen would sometimes cause an error message to appear and/or display an undefined Item image.
  • FUT Coin balances were sometimes not visually updating properly when a player was outbid on an Item on the FUT Transfer Market.
  • Stability issue that would sometimes occur in FUT Single Player Seasons if the player had forfeited the previous match.
  • Squad Building Challenge rewards that provided a FUT Item required logging in and out of FUT before you could claim them.
  • A visual issue where a player would sometimes disappear during a pack opening walkout animation.
  • Some walkout animations were causing the player to warp into place.
  • The country graphic displayed in Squad Battles for a Squad from India were incorrect.
  • The Rivals post-match Weekly Score summary was displaying oddly if the player’s Rank had changed while they were playing the previous match.