As someone who loves the Apple ecosystem, I am always looking for apps that not only improve my life but make it easier for me to get my tasks done.  What does that mean?  For me, it’s simplifying the daily tasks that I need to complete and also helping me to stay on top of the things that are coming up.  That’s why we’ve put together a list of the best Mac applications to help you get the most out of your to-do list.

PDF Expert for Mac

PDF Expert is the best way to edit PDF text, images, and links.  Fixing a typo or changing a logo in a contract can now be done in a matter of seconds.  When it’s time to edit, all the great tools you need are easy to find and just a click away. PDF Expert’s quick annotations, easy form filling, and powerful file merging will chew through your work in record time. In addition, you can convert to PDF from Word, Pages, and even Google Docs.  What might be the best thing about PDF Expert is its robust file sharing.  When it’s time to send documents to clients or your coworkers, all you need to do is open up the software and convert the file.  It’s that simple!

iMazing 2

Even through the Apple ecosystem, it can be difficult to share files from your Mac to your iPhone or even an iPad.  But with iMazing 2, that process just got a little easier.  iMazing 2 is not only amazing, but it is your one-stop-shop for ensuring that your data is stored, transferred or even accessed in a simple way across your devices.  This can be done wirelessly or through a USB connection.  iMazing 2 lets you copy and move music as well as other media.  You can also pull and print text messages.  You can even manage backups.  This might be one of the best applications out there.  And one I highly recommend.

Disk Drill Pro

Lost data is a fact of life.  More specifically, its a fact of digital life.  That’s why you need a quality insurance policy like Disk Drill Pro.  With just one click, Disk Drill digs deeper into any computer, iOS or Android device or even external hard drive.  It will either recover or restore over 200 types of files that you thought were deleted, lost or otherwise missing in action.  Disk Drive Pro also goes beyond data recovery, including features to clean drives, patch up disk health and safeguard your data from disaster.

2Do Task Manager

I don’t know about you, but I definitely struggle when it comes to managing my to-do list.  But now that task just got easier with 2Do Task Manager.   2Do handles a host of productivity tasks to keep everything organized. Type out your tasks, then sort them by tag, location, date and more. With drag and drop functionality, you can automate multiple tasks, build customized searches or put together your own smart lists. For someone who needs to get a lot down with a lot of headaches, 2Do fits the bill.

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