samsung galaxy fold
samsung galaxy fold

I feel like this is an “I told you so” kind of moment. I mean, I’m not typically one to brag or boast or even indicate that I was right from the beginning, but this is different. Samsung has reported that Galaxy Fold screens were breaking, just one day after being used. Didn’t we see this coming? You’re folding a screen in half. A screen! While I’ve also questioned our need for this type of phone, I think the fact that they’re breaking before they’re even launched speaks volumes to this kind of device. I read an article recently where the author was posing the question – when will Apple create their foldable phone. My first thought was probably never. To start, Apple’s phones, stand on their own. Apple doesn’t need a “gimmick” to boost sales. At least not when it comes to their iPhones.

But Samsung on the other hand, has had declining phone sales over the last few years, so it only makes sense that they would want to bring a foldable screen to market. And they’re the “screen” company. Meaning, they’re supposed to have all the fancy technology in order to make the screens as beautiful as they are. And now they’re facing a bit of a crisis. The phone that they developed, and are scheduled to launch on April 26 just isn’t cutting it. Not to mention, the device itself will cost $1980 US. Samsung has indicated that they will investigate the effected units thoroughly to determine the cause of the breaking screens. But I could probably tell them? They’re asking people to fold the screens in half!

Ok, so maybe my comments are a bit harsh, but I honestly don’t know what they were expecting. You’re asking someone to fold a plastic-covered OLED display. It just seems a little naive, that’s all. Samsung has made the following statement:

A limited number of early Galaxy Fold samples were provided to media for review. We have received a few reports regarding the main display on the samples provided. We will thoroughly inspect these units in person to determine the cause of the matter.

Separately, a few reviewers reported having removed the top layer of the display causing damage to the screen. The main display on the Galaxy Fold features a top protective layer, which is part of the display structure designed to protect the screen from unintended scratches. Removing the protective layer or adding adhesives to the main display may cause damage. We will ensure this information is clearly delivered to our customers.


How Samsung found out about this in advance of their launch is because they sent some of the devices out to reporters who were reviewing. A bit of a dry-run, if you will. But now that they know about the problem, the big question is how will these hold up when it comes to everyday sales. The question about whether or not this kind of device is necessary is no longer being asked because it’s been replaced with – will it work.

And we’ve seen these devices as prototypes, and the manufacturers all suggest they are great and that they will hold up in the end. But now Samsung is going to have to take the fall for the entire industry as they are one of the big companies who brought these devices to market first. As I mentioned, they have plans to proceed with their launch next week, but what will happen after that is anyone’s guess. Stay tuned for more on this next week.