Anandtech’s complete analysis of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 tells the tell of where these two systems are headed. Microsoft is out to take over the living room. Sony on the other hand is out to get the games it lost to Xbox 360 in the last round of console wars. PlayStation 4 can do 1.84 TFLOPS compared to the new Xbox One’s 1.23 TFLOPS. The PlayStation 4 also has more memory than the Xbox One.

Sony’s new system comes with 8GB of 5500MHz GDDR5 memory compared to the Xbox One’s 8GB of 2133MHz DDR3 RAM. In the end the specs don’t mean much. It is just nice on paper. Nintendo’s Wii was no match for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 4 but for awhile it was king of the hill. It comes down to the games and service that will be presented to the owners of these systems. Only time will tell. Well, time and E3 next month.

By Rubens Saintel

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