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I have been playing with Windows Mobile 6.5 build 21500 for a while now. I must say it is a whole lot faster than the previous build which was slower than molasses on a hot day. You now have the option toad weather & Top Friends (like T-Mobiles top 5) via a plug-in. Which begs the question when the “official” Windows Mobile 6.5 is release will users be able to buy plugging like they do now with Today screen add ons for Windows Mobile 6.1? There are 6 standard themes that come with the including one from Isaac Mizrahi that looks like a pink & purple plaid shirt. I expected more Mr.Mizrahi. What I was not expecting was to like the widgets so much.There is a Weather, MSN Money and Windows Live widget all tied into MSN of course. You cannot control the rate at which these widgets update but never the less they are a welcome gift since before you had to pay for these perks via a third party. All in all the Windows Mobile interface is a wonderful upgrade but it is not yet ready because it is still not customizable yet. With Windows mobile 6.1 you can pretty much do whatever you wanted to do with the Today screen from making look & work like an iPhone, Android, Palm Pre or even dare I say it blank, thanks to 3rd party programs. I am sure WM 6.5 will get there, hopefully by Windows Mobile 7.

By Rubens Saintel

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