Kanye West’s Complete VMA Speech



People who believe in truth. And yes, as you probably could have guessed by this moment, I have decided in 2020 to run for president.

**If you don’t want to read the whole speech. The full video is all the way at the bottom. **  Bro, bro, listen to the kids. Jeremy, I got to put it down for a second, it’s beautiful, Jeremy Scott designed… First of all, thank you Taylor for being so gracious and giving me this award this evening. And I often think back to the first day that I met you. Also, you know, I think about when I’m in the grocery store with my daughter and I have a really great conversation about fresh juice, you know, and at the end they say, “You’re not that bad after all.” And I think about it sometimes, like it crosses my mind when I go to a baseball game and 60,000 people boo me. It crosses my mind a little bit.

And I think, if I had to do it all again, what would i have done? Would I have worn a leather shirt? Would I have drank half a bottle of Hennessy and given the rest to the audience? Y’all know you drank that bottle too. If I had a daughter at that time, would I have went on stage and grabbed the mic from someone else’s…

Iconic Director Wes Craven Dies at 76


I think it is an extraordinary opportunity and gift to be able to make films in general, and to have done it for almost 40 years now is remarkable. ~Wes Craven

Iconic Director Wes Craven Dies at 76. The icon died due to his battle with brain cancer. Craven entered Hollywood in 1972 after a career in academia. His very first feature film was Last House on the Left. Craven was remained active in the industry for decades. In fact he was developing two series for the Syfy  channel called We Are Completely Fine and The People Under the Stairs. Not to mention lending his name to the MTV show Scream. However Craven’s best-known creation as Freddy Krueger, the twisted Nightmare on Elm Street serial killer who stalks victims in their dreams.

Craven said he got the idea for Elm Street from living next to a cemetery on a street of that name. The cemetery was in a little suburb in Cleveland. There were five Nightmare on Elm Street films total not counting the spinoffs. They were released from 1984-89. Those movies are cult classics that defined the horror genre. When it came to commercial success that arrived much late with the release of Scream in 1996. Craven’s Scream series was a money-making machine at the box-office. Scream and Scream 2 each grossed more than $100 million domestically. Scream could be looked at the first horror parody movie as it spoofed the teen horror genre and often referenced many horror movies. Read the rest

Sunday Funday: Do You Have A Sex List?


“It’s not all that common, but people do do it, and it’s also not that big a deal. It’s a way of chronicling your life a little bit, though it can be different for guys than it is for girls.” ~Christie Hartman, Ph.D.

Today starts Saintel Daily’s Sunday Funday off topic series. We normally over tech, media or sports but mostly tech. Today we will expand into some fun topics. Every Sunday we cover some off topic fun. Today’s topic is Do You Have A Sex List? I mean It’s not a hard question to ask but it is a hard one to answer. Some people have a list some people don’t. While others are appalled that you would even think about having such a time. I think I started my sex list when I was a freshmen in college. I started it for two reasons. One was as a way to have something to written down to review in the greatest years of college life. The other reason I wanted to be able to comfortably be able to know who I was with. As I have gotten older it is incredibly satisfying to be able to not ever have to respond that “I wasn’t exactly sure how many partners I have had.”


While the first thing that comes to most people’s minds is what if your partner finds the list. Well in a relationship you should have already talked about your past in order to have a stable present.

Read the rest

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