#ICYMI Walmart Vudu Spark streaming stick is not worth $25



All the major content companies have a streaming device. Some of the better known devices are Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast, Apple TV and of course the one that started the streaming trend, Ruku. Do we really need another streaming media stick? Maybe depending of if its worth the investment. Walmart is great at cost cutting the competition while still maintaining great margins. They are on a quest to continue that winning formula with their new streaming stick called the Vudu Spark.

The Vudu Spark is only $25. That’s a lot cheaper than everyone else’s stick. You may ask yourself what is the catch? I’m glad you asked. The Spark only works for Vudu purchases and rentals. That that means you won’t be able to enjoy other services like HBOgo, Hulu, Netflix or any other online video service for that matter. If you are a Vudu fan that is fine by you. Most people will need more incentive to buy the Spark. To that end, Walmart is offering new and existing customers up to $25 in Vudu credits for activating the stick.

The Vudu Spark has a dedicated remote control. The HDMI stick is powered via USB. Walmart is not including a power adapter in the box, so if your TV’s USB port does not do power you’re out of luck. The Vudu Spark works on 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. The Vudu Spark does full 1080p and supports 7.1 surround sound.… Read the rest

What You Didn’t Know about the Patriots’ #DeflateGate Football Scandal



New England Patriots’ deflated footballs. That is a fact. Had they lost the game we would not even be talking about this at all. This is a scandal because it happened during such an important game. The score reflects to some the outcome of cheating. With so many mishandled scandals last year, this is not the best way to start the year off for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. One would think that he would have handled this issue quickly before it became a crisis. Oops, too late. It is already looking like we are in for a fun ride if the internet memes are to be believed. Illegally tampering with footballs during the AFC Championship Game is a huge issue on its own but it gets worse. Below is what you didn’t know Patriots’ deflated footballs scandal.

  • The NFL said it would take at most three days to complete its investigation of the deflated footballs from the AFC Championship game. It’s been a week and still no word as to what is going on or what they discovered.
  • The Colts first told the NFL that the Patriots were using deflated footballs in a game in November. That is two months before the AFC Championship game. The NFL decided not to investigate the Patriots.
  • The NFL did not test the Patriots’ footballs before the game started. The NFL tested the Patriots footballs at halftime.
  • The NFL refs discovered the Patriots’ footballs were deflated at halftime of the AFC Championship game but decided to let the game continue without interjecting.  
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Everything you need to know about Saudi King Abdullah’s Saudi Arabia



RIYADH: The Al-Saud dynasty, to which the late King Abdullah belonged, gave its name to the Gulf Arab monarchy of Saudi Arabia ruled by the sons of founder Abdul Aziz bin Saud.

The Al-Sauds trace their origins to the 1700s, when Saud bin Mohammad reigned as a local sheikh in the central Arabian peninsula, the birthplace two centuries later of the only country in the world named after a family. His son Mohammad allied himself in 1744 with a fiery cleric, Mohammad bin Abdul Wahhab, who advocated a return to purist Islam, spreading the doctrine through the might of the sword. Mohammad’s descendants lost control to Ottoman forces in 1818, but six years later the Saud family retook the desert seat of Riyadh only to squabble over the succession. By 1902, Abdul Aziz bin Saud expelled the rival Rashidi clan from Riyadh, at the heart of the peninsula, and set about consolidating his power.Abdul Aziz unified the territories in a series of tribal wars. He took control of the Gulf coast in 1913, expelled Hussein, the Hashemite sharif of Islam’s holy city of Mecca, by 1925, and in 1932 declared himself king of Saudi Arabia.

To strengthen his authority, the new king took in marriage the daughters of tribal chiefs. Today, the ruling family totals up to an estimated 25,000 members, including some 200 influential princes. Oil was struck in 1938 in the strictly conservative Wahhabi kingdom, transforming it into one of the world’s richest countries. … Read the rest

Dead Rising: Watchtower Movie Trailer


Dead Rising was a very addictive game. Now the movie Dead Rising: Watchtower based on the Capcom game is headed to Crackle on March 27th. The movie gives lots of nods to the game. There are makeshift weapons, psychopathic clowns.

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