Carmelo Anthony becomes a Venture-Capitalist


Everyone is doing it why not a native of the home Wall street. Syracuse standout and New York Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony is jumping into the venture-capital bandwagon with some help from former NBC executive Stuart Goldfarb. Together they combined to form Voltron… I mean M7 Tech Partners. The New York-based investment firm was creatively (sarcasm) named that way because its a combination of Anthony’s nickname (Melo) and jersey number (7).

The company will focus on getting in on the early-stage funding of digital media, consumer Internet, and tech startups. Basically get into those hot tech startups before they go viral.  The New York-based children’s media company Hullabalu will be the firms first investment. Hullabalu might be safe place to start out. Alexis Ohanian, Reddit’s co-founder has also invested in the company. Other NBA players who have gone into venture capital and investing are Jamal Mashburn, Steve Nash and San Antonio Spurs star David Robinson. It’s smart that these players start building for life after basketball.

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How Scientists are DNA editing HIV out of existence


HIV is a virus that has forever changed the world. It lives by integrating its own genes into your DNA. That means antiretrovirals don’t cure you. HIV chills inside your cells quietly waiting for an opportunity. There is hope for a world without HIV. Scientists have found a way to remove the virus out of the human genome. If research continues to go well it could potentially lead to a cure for even dormant infections.

DNA editing may sound like the stuff of science fiction but at some point all science was fiction until developed. DNA editing is a very powerful technique that has been getting honed more as of late. Cutting easily and precisely a specific DNA sequence is in a word, incredible. Earlier this year genome editing was used successfully to cut out the DNA sequence of a particular human protein the HIV virus latches onto. This new research is different. Instead of editing human genes, researchers are editing the DNA of HIV. Research has showed that this method seemed to prevent any new HIV infection.

This is how scientists are DNA editing HIV out of existence. However, it is going to be a long time before this process becomes something that you can just go to the doctor for. What seems to work in a petri dish might not work anywhere else.  However, it does give hope to those with and families of HIV. That said once this becomes a reality, whats to hinder DNA editing from spreading to other uses?… Read the rest


Facebook Save: It’s like Instapaper but for Facebook


Facebook’s new feature Save is just like it sounds. It’s like Instapaper but for Facebook.  Facebook has come a long way from where it came from. Your feed is swamped with so much that it’s sometimes overwhelming. So, Facebook is launching a new feature called “Save” to help you out. The feature allows you to mark things they’d like to see later.

If you see something in your timeline that you would like but don’t have the time to read, simply tap on the top-right corner of the story. This will add it to your “Save” list . Movies, TV, and other items can also be placed in your Save list. You can review the Save items under the “more” tab.

The new Save feature puts Facebook in competition with the great apps Instapaper and Pocket. These apps for years have provided a way for people to collect items from the Web that they’d like to read later. Facebook’s service only works when connected to the Internet. The new feature will be rolling out to iOS, Android, and Web users in the next few days.… Read the rest

UK government to buy 150 of the Telsa Model S


 The Tesla Model S currently sells for around £50,000 ($85,000) in the UK. The UK government was thinking about picking up a few for its fleet. However, at £50,000 ($85,000) the purchase of Model S would be more than £17,000 ($29,000) over budget per. They might still pick them up for the long term benefits of going green. The UK wants to have at least 150 electric cars for government use. This thinking was bought on by China. The Red State mandated that 30% of its fleet must be electric.

So far the electric car is expensive and beautiful or fugly and expensive. There is no cheap or reasonable costing electric car out there for now. Tesla is working on with the Model 3.That model is not headed to production anytime soon. Unfortunately, with a budget of just £5 million ($8.5 million) to buy 150 electric cars is not likely to happen.

You would have to convince a motor company to sell you the cars are the discount of £33,000 per vehicle. Tesla Model 3 is set to be sold for $30,000 but again it is a long way from production lines. The Model S currently sells for about £50,000 ($85,000) in the UK. The BMW’s i3 is a strong competitor in terms of price since it is only £30,000. However, the Tesla has a range of 250 miles on a charge versus the 81 the BMW gets per charge.  … Read the rest