Which DC Comics hero are you?



Another day another quiz. These things are addictive. Today’s quiz is which DC Comics hero are you? The Marvel universe is very well connected. Each comic is some how tied to the other. The reason for that is because the Marvel universe was mostly based upon the vision of Stan Lee. The DC universe is not like that at all. Almost all the heroes stand on their own. Marvel comics may own the box office now but DC Comics is fighting back. Stating with the highly anticipated Batman vs. Superman movie. So which DC Comics hero are you? Take the quiz and find out. If you are on the main page and don’t see the quiz. Click here >>> which DC Comics hero are you?


Pixelmator Photo-Editing comes to the iPhone

Picelmator for iPhone

Pixelmator Photo-Editing comes to the iPhone and I for one love it. Pixelmator is a staple on my Mac as I am sure it is many. The user base for the program is as loyal as Apple fanboys. What is Pixelmator? Think Photoshop without the Photoshop price. Pixelmator can even open up Photoshop. If you are already paid for the iPad version the iPhone phone is a free update.  One of the updated features is a Distort tool that lets you pinch, bump, twirl, and warp areas of your image. A helpful tool called Repair Selection lets you.. well.. repairs selected areas. The program is $29.99 on Mac and $4.99 on iOS. It is well worth the investment.

Companies before they were household names


Some of the companies you use everyday did not always have instant name brand recognition. Some started out with completely different names. Below are some of the lackluster names some of the most famous companies could have had.

1. AOL was once Quantum Computer Services

2. Google was once BackRub

Larry Page and Serge Brin’s renamed BackRub to Google in 1998.

3. Best Buy was once Sound of Music 

Sound of Music had a great four-day sale which made it more money than it did in a typical month so it renamed its self to Best Buy in 1983. The rest is history.

4. Blackberry was once Research in Motion

In 1984 and for years after that Research in Motion was the only smartphone that business people took seriously. Most people were calling it Blackberry anyway but it took a total collapse for the company for it to listen to its users. In 2013 it changed its name to BlackBerry.

5. Pepsi-Cola was once Brad’s Drink 

6. Sony was once Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo

7. Starbucks was Starbucks Coffee, Tea and Spice, Il Giornale Coffee Company

8. Nike was once Blue Ribbon Sports

9. Hertz Rent-A-Car was once DrivUrSelf 

10. eBay was once AuctionWeb 

11. PayPal was once Confinity 

12. IBM was once Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation

IBM is an American institution. Founded in 1911 through a super merger. In 1924 the company changed to “International Business Machines.”

13. Nintendo once was Marafuku Company, Nintendo Playing Card Company 

By now you know the story of the playing cards company founded in 1889.

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