Apple is Getting into Business with Hollywood. Is That a Good Idea?

Tim Cook

Apple is finally getting into business with Hollywood.  And it’s about time, right?  This is not a surprise for some, since Apple hired two top executives from Sony TV back in June.  But what might be surprising is the way that Apple is going about this.  What do I mean?  Well, unlike Disney, they aren’t interested in getting into the streaming business.  Or at least that’s what they’re saying right now.  They are interested, however, in making movies and TV shows.  And they’re throwing a pile of money at it.  $1 billion, to be exact.  But, according to some, that’s not even going to pay the bills.

Apple wants to make 10 shows that would rival Game of Thrones or House of Cards.  Epic series that everyone wants to watch.  To put this into perspective, HBO spent about $2 billion last year on content alone.  Whereas Netflix spends about $6 billion a year.  So it doesn’t seem reasonable that Apple would get very far with just $1 billion.  That being said, maybe Apple just wants to get their feet wet.  After all, they’re still going to want to play nice with the likes of Netflix.  Because they want people to stream shows on their iPads and iPhones.

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Other reports are suggesting that Apple only wants to do a couple of heavy hitter type shows.  Not the full 10.  But this is bigger than the money.  This is about Apple breaking into Hollywood.  … Read the rest

Obama’s Tweet About Love Over Hate Breaks Twitter Record

Shortly after President Trump told the press that “both sides” were to blame for the violence in Charlottesville this past weekend, Barack Obama took to social media. Many people have expressed how much they miss Obama as their President, and I think his tweet demonstrates just why.  Trump later went back on those statements, but doubled down on who was to blame.  If you haven’t seen Obama’s tweet, he quotes Nelson Mandela.  I mentioned this quote in a previous post because it’s extremely fitting.  The quote speaks to love and hate, especially in the context of differences.  More specifically around race and religion.  The tweet has actually broken the record for the most-liked Tweet.

I think this is amazing, to be honest.  Especially if we think about what Trump said, and then what followed.  Obama was pointing out how love is a more natural human emotion.  And that it’s easier for someone to feel love than for them to feel hate.  And well, Obama, you’re followers feel the same way.  Doesn’t it make you feel better knowing that more people in the world “liked” Obama’s tweet, than those who supported Trump’s sentiments?  Doesn’t this just display what Mandela was saying, and what Obama felt in this particular situation?  And that, in my opinion, is how we spread love.

Barack Obama Tweet

I would like to go back to Trump’s comments for a moment. As the President of the United States of America, it is your job to protect all your citizens and make them feel like they are part of a whole.  … Read the rest

Is MoviePass a Good Deal? Not for AMC Theatres, It Isn’t


Are you a hard core movie buff?  If so, then MoviePass is for you.  For just $10 a month, you can go to almost any theatre and see a movie a day.  MoviePass is like Netflix, but for movie theatres.  It’s a subscription based service that allows you to, you guessed it, go and watch movies in the theatres.  MoviePass isn’t by any means new.  It has been around since 2011, but the membership price used to be a lot higher.  Which was causing people not to use it.  But now, the price has been lowered, and starting today, you can sign up for that subscription for only $9.95 per month.

Insane right?  The cost of a movie starts around $15 these days, depending on where you are.  Which can make going to the movies almost impossible.  So, even if you only watch one movie per month, this subscription is totally worth it.  As it will literally pay for itself.  But if you subscribe to the service, you can watch as many movies as you’d like in a month.  Well, almost.  You can watch up to one movie per day.  But again, that’s kind of insane.  You are limited in terms of what types of movies you can see – no 3D or iMAX, but that’s still pretty insane.

When I was reading about this yesterday, I had questioned the service because it seems like it would be too good to be true.  … Read the rest

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