Amazon’s Prime Now = delivers in one hour!



Just time for the holidays and unluckily for your wallet. Amazon does a great job of maximizing margins and turning that into great services for its loyal customers. They just came out with a new service called Prime Now. They are not exaggerating when they called the service “Now.” Prime Now will offer delivery of your order within one hour. They are able to do this thanks to the many fulfillment centers that it has amassed. Just to be clear Prime Now will only be for some items. You are not about to order a 108′ TV and get it in an hour. To avoid having disgruntled customers Amazon has created an app to help. Prime subscribers can use the app to buy products. Any product on the app will be able to have the option of Prime Now. The video below explains in more detail.

Prime Now deliveries will cost $7.99 and you have to be a Prime member. It is guaranteed to be at your door in an hour or it will be for free. Prime Now is available from 6 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week. Now for the bad news. The Amazon Prime Now service will only be available to Amazon Prime subscribers who live in Manhattan. We can only hope that Amazon expands the service to other cities. Maybe Washington, DC? hummm Amazon.

Microsoft’s Weekly Xbox deals



Have an Xbox or Xbox One? Do you love discounts? Good, Microsoft has you covered for the holidays. Starting this today Microsoft will be offering daily and weekly deals on Xbox One and Xbox 360 games. The deals will run until midnight on December 31st. Here are just few of the best deals available for the next seven days. That is right you only have until December 22nd to scoop these deals.

Xbox One

  • Call of Duty: Ghosts – 50% off
  • NBA Live 15 – 35% off
  • Battlefield 4: Premium Edition – 50% off
  • Wolfenstein: The New Order – 50% off
  • The Crew + Far Cry 4 Bundle* – 25% off

Xbox 360

  • Skate 3* – 75% off
  • Titanfall: Game of the Year Edition* – 75% off
  • Dark Souls II – 50% off
  • Tomb Raider – 67% off
  • BioShock Infinite – 85% off

*These deals are available for Xbox Live Gold members only. 

What Car Should You Buy? Lets find with this unorthodoxed Quiz

concept car


When it comes to buying a car there are a lot of factors to take note of. Here is a fun short quiz from the folks at that will you make your choice. The quiz has some very interesting questions and comes up with even more unreal answers.  There is no highly sophisticated algorithm when it comes to this quiz. It’s all based on your desires. Some of which you didn’t know you had.


Now you can use your iPhone as your Driver’s License



If you were one of those that thought that ApplePay can not make your wallet obsolete because your driver’s license still needs a place to call home, we have some needs for you. Soon you won’t have to carry a physical card with you. The Iowa Department of Transportation will begin allowing those that get a new driver’s licenses to also use an iPhone app to show their license.

At a state agency budget meeting the director of the Department of Transportation in Iowa said plans for these digital driver’s licenses are moving forward very fast.  Even so, the digital driver’s licenses app wont come out until 2015. We hope it takes off so more states can follow along in Iowa’s footsteps.

We are really moving forward on this. The way things are going, we may be the first in the nation.Having this really allows people to protect their identity. People will still be able to stick a traditional plastic driver’s license in their wallet or purse if they choose. It is basically your license on your phone. The app can be shown to Iowa law enforcement officers during traffic stops and by security officers screening travelers at Iowa’s airports.


The app would be considered an Identity Vault app. The app will keep your information safe within the app.  Users will have to use a PIN number to access the information within the app.  We would like to see TouchID implemented on the app.… Read the rest

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