#ICYMI 2016 Apple Music Festival is September 18

#ICYMI 2016 Apple Music Festival is September 18


This year Apple will have its Apple Music Festival in London at The Roundhouse. The annual music festival is night after night of free concerts. If you are lucky enough to be in the UK remember that tickets are very limited. For the rest of us, Apple will also stream the concerts online for free but only if you to have Apple Music. So technically this festival is a promotion to buy the $10/month music subscription service. Well played Apple, well played. This year’s lineup hasn’t been revealed yet but if last year is any indication of the talent to be had; we are in for a good time show. Last year featured Pharrell, One Direction and The Weeknd. The concert series will run from September 18 to September 30.

Apple Music Festival 10 returns to London in September for 10 exhilarating nights of live music. Residents of the UK can win tickets to the gigs. Apple Music members around the world can watch the performances for free. Ticket applications will be opening soon. Follow @AppleMusic on Twitter and Snapchat for up-to-the-minute information and join the #AMF10 conversation.

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Cards Against Humanity Releases Hillary vs.Trump Version

Cards Against Humanity Releases Hillary vs.Trump Version


Cards Against Humanity is not a game for the faint of the heart. Now that it has released Hillary vs. Trump version things are getting personal. The humor might be a bit much if you hold personally bias to one candidate; your feelings will get hurt. The new special version of this hilarious card game is completely focused on the election season. The US presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump inspired decks will be sold for $4 each, and comes with 15 new cards. While you have the option to buy Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump decks the money raised will go to Hillary Clinton.


“At the end of this promotion, Cards Against Humanity will tally up the sales of both packs, and depending on which pack gets more support, we will donate all the money in support of Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The funds that we take in will be split between direct, legal contributions to Hillary Clinton’s PAC, contributions to groups opposing Trump, and get out the vote programs in swing states.”

Cards Against Humanity does not care how you feel about it. Yes, they are very bias about their candidate of choice. Should you have a problem with that you can direct your feelings emails to EntitledWhining@CardsAgainstHumanity.comRead the rest

President Obama’s playlist is out…shhh..It’s Fire

President Obama’s playlist is out…shhh..It’s Fire


Obama released a epic summer playlist on Spotify last summer. The president is back at it with even more fire for your speakers. He has his staples like Miles Davis, Billie Holiday and Aretha Franklin. This year he also added some new folks the roster.  He has added the lovely Janelle Monáe, the deeply soulful Nina Simone, the fun Beach Boys, joyful Fiona Apple, dearly departed Prince, top lyricist Nas to name a few. You can listen to the Daytime Playlist on Spotify right now here and the nighttime playlist here. I can’t help but wonder what FOTUS playlist looks like.



  1. LoveHate Thing – Wale
  2. Smooth Sailin’ – Leon Bridges
  3. Elevator Operator – Courtney Barnett
  4. Home – Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
  5. Many the Miles – Sara Bareilles
  6. Tightrope – Janelle Monáe
  7. Classic Man – Jidenna
  8. So Ambitious – Jay Z feat. Pharrell
  9. Me Gustas Tu – Manu Chao
  10. Forever Begins – Common
  11. The Man – Aloe Blacc
  12. As We Enter – Nas & Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley
  13. Sinnerman – Nina Simone
  14. U Got the Look – Prince
  15. Rock Steady – Aretha Franklin
  16. Good Vibrations – Beach Boys
  17. Don’t Owe You A Thang – Gary Clark Jr.
  18. Man Like That – Gin Wigmore
  19. II B.S. (edit) – Charles Mingus



  • If I Have My Way – Chrisette Michele
  • Espera – Esperanza Spalding
  • Tell It Like It Is – Aaron Neville
  • Alright – Ledisi
  • Trapped By A Thing Called Love – Denise LaSalle
  • Lady – D’Angelo
  • So Very Hard to Go – Tower of Power
  • Midnight Sun – Carmen McCrae
  • Cucurrucucú Paloma – Caetano Veloso
  • Green Aphrodisiac – Corinne Bailey Rae
  • I’ll Be There for You / You’re All I Need – Mary J.
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How to Do The No Man’s Sky Unlimited Units Exploit

How to Do The No Man’s Sky Unlimited Units Exploit


No Man’s Sky is one game that does something few have done before. It opens up people to a new way of playing video games. However to really enjoy the game you are going to need a good ship. To upgrade your ship into something that is helpful in the game you will need units. Lots and lots of units. Units are the in-game currency. You can get units by gathering resource and trading on the galactic market. That takes hours and hours of work. Since the internet never lets you down. It has found a FastPass way to units. There is an exploit that allows you to duplicate the game’s most valuable items. It’s a very simple process.

How to Do The No Man’s Sky Unlimited Units Exploit:

  1. Clear out a few slots in your ship’s inventory.
  2. Have an item you want to duplicate in your inventory (i.e. Atlas Stone, Warp Cell, piles of Gold, etc.).
  3. Fly into space from the system’s space station and kill yourself (attacking a freighter might be the easiest way to do this).
  4. When you respawn in the space station, enter the menu, head to the ‘Options’ tab and select the ‘Reload previous’ button below the ‘Saved Game Data’ header to reload the last save.
  5. All the items in your inventory before your death will still be there, but you can also fly back out into space and pick up all of the items from your grave, effectively duplicating everything in your inventory.
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Every Single Delta Flight is Canceled Due to Power Outage

Every Single Delta Flight is Canceled Due to Power Outage


Mondays are bad enough without extra drama. However if you’re a Delta customer; it’s going to be one of those days. Delta passengers all around the world are collectively annoyed and frustrated. Every flight is canceled. That’s right every single one that is not in the sky already is grounded this morning. The cause of this is a system-wide computer failure created by a power outage in Atlanta. Delta took to Twitter to share the information with its customers. The agents at the airport resorted to writing out boarding passes by hand. At the time of this post there was no ETA on when the problem will be fixed but some flights are still on apparently. My first thought is Mr. Robot even though they clearly say it’s a power issue.

This outage does not just affect Delta. In the age of synergy Delta’s partners such as Air France are also affected. I can’t imagine how and what a headache it’s going to be to reschedule 5,000 departures. That’s the number Delta does a day. Delta’s partners are cautioning passengers to check tickets to see if they are affected.

 UPDATE As of this Post: A Delta ground stop has been lifted and limited departures are resuming following a power outage in Atlanta that impacted Delta computer systems and operations worldwide. Cancellations and delays continue. Customers heading to the airport should expect delays and cancellations. While inquiries are high and wait times are long, our customer service agents are doing everything they can to assist.

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Apple’s $200,000 Bug Bounty Program is The End of Jailbreaks

Apple’s $200,000 Bug Bounty Program is The End of Jailbreaks


Most tech companies have a way to thanking those that find holes in their software. Twitter has paid over $322,000 in bounties over the past two years. As always for better or worse Apple who always “Thinks Different” did not. That’s not to say there were not holes to be patched. Seems there is a jailbreak every few months. Apple’s head of Security Engineering and Architecture Ivan Krstic announced at Black Hat that his company will now offer cash bounties of up to $200,000 for hackers and researchers who find and report security flaws in Apple products. $200,000 might sound like a lot of money for a bug but it’s really not. Remember the FBI reportedly paid hackers $1 million the to break into an iPhone owned by one of the shooters involved in the San Bernardino incident last year.

Apple said the reason they are doing this is because its own internal testers are having difficulty finding more bugs. Before any security analyst start jumping for joy, Here are some facts that you might want to know before going all Mr. Robot on Apple products. Apple is currently only working with a select list of researchers. They do say that if someone outside the group finds a bug, they can be included in the program. That said I think that Apple’s $200,000 bug bounty program is the end of jailbreaks as we know them. Why would one release a jailbreak for free when you can have Apple pay you for it?

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Say Hello To Snapchat Stories, I mean Instagram Stories

Say Hello To Snapchat Stories, I mean Instagram Stories


The social media landscape has changed a lot from the days when Instagram was just a baby. Now we have Kik, Snapchat, Twitter and of course Facebook. Following the lead of Snapchat, Instagram will start its own version of Stories. It will be called.. wait for it… Instagram Stories. The new feature will let you share all the moments of your day. These will not just the ones you want to keep on your profile. The multiple photos and videos will appear together in a slideshow. This slideshow is your story. You can put text and drawing tools over your pictures. The photos and videos will disappear after 24 hours and won’t appear on your profile grid or in feeds.

Your story follows the privacy settings of your account. So people who you let follow you will see your stories. Your profile photo will have a colorful ring around it when there’s something new to see. When you see it just tap on their profile photo. Keep in mind that people can comment by sending you private messages via Instagram Direct. Unlike regular posts, there are no likes or public comments. Just like Snapchat when watching your own story you can check out who’s seen each photo and video. You will have the option to choose any part of your story and post it to your profile. Instagram Stories will be rolling out globally over the next few weeks on iOS and Android.… Read the rest