De La Soul + Kickstarter = New Album



De La Soul is back. Sort of anyway. What happens when you combine De La Soul + Kickstarter?  New Album that you pretty much pre-order with your contribution. The trio love sampling but this time around they are making all original music samples. So for their ninth album they have gone to Kickstarter to help with their vision. They had a modest goal of $110,000. The goal was smashed on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter in no time. The De La Soul album will be out this September.


Here are just a few of the things you can get for contributing to De La Soul’s Kickstarter:

  • A shopping trip with De La Soul (toy shopping with Dave, record shopping with Maseo, or sneaker shopping with Pos)
  • A Skype date with the trio
  • Thumb drives in the shape of each member’s head
  • De La Soul Nike sneakers
  • A day in the studio with the group, during which you record vocals for a skit on the album
  • A custom print
  • A boom box from Dave’s personal collection or an MPC from Pos’ collection
  • Dave’s gold record plaque for 3 Feet High and Rising

The Daily Show Has a New Host. Who Is Trevor Noah?


Who Is Trevor Noah? He is an international 31 year old that lived in a place where he could not walk on the same street as his father. A place where it was illegal for his mother to claim him because he is biracial. He grew up in Soweto, the son of a black Xhosa mother and a white Swiss father. During the apartheid era it was illegal for them to be a family. Yet he managed to turned out to be success. So before you count him out add up what he has been through and think over the fortitude he must have had to get to where he is now.  

“My mother had to be very clandestine about who my father was. He couldn’t be on my birth certificate.” ~Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah was only on the Daily Show  three times but it was enough to impress the folks at Comedy Central. It didn’t hurt that Trevor Noah is internationally known, articulate, smart and oh yeah, funny. John Stewart had a successful 16-year run as host of the The Daily Show. He had a gift for turning hard news into satirical comedy. Trevor Noah will be the first late night non white since Arsenio Hall to really generate ratings and bring in a truly broad demographic. I think that Trevor Noah will transform the show into something the hip demo of 18-35 year olds will look forward to. I don’t think he will be able to completely change the show right away.… Read the rest

Sony’s PlayStation Underground returns on YouTube



Sony’s PlayStation Underground returns on YouTube. I for one missed it very much. The Sony-published video game magazine went M.I.A. 14-year ago. The new magazine is all digital in the form of a YouTube show. New episodes will be published twice a month at first but later will change to once a week. The first show is live now. It is like a mini documentary on developer Harmonix’s Amplitude revamp. Members of the PlayStation Blog are seen playing and talking about the game. The Underground interviewed David Jaffe from classic Twisted Metal fame. They also interviewed Ken Kutaragi who is pretty much the father of the first PlayStation. It’s a great start and I look forward to seeing more.


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