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  • Mayweather Stays Undefeated but still not Best Fighter MW

    Your winner and still undefeated champion of the world! Floyd “Money” Mayweather. The Money Team will be celebrating tonight. There was no knockout or TKO. Mayweather won by unanimous decision over Manny Pacquiao.

    Mayweather-Pacquiao was exciting but one can not help to wonder how the fight would have been if it had taken place 5 years ago when Pacquiao was at his prime. Mayweather danced around the ring and at times was pressed against the ropes. The fighters were very aggressive. Correction, Pac was very intense. Floyd ran around the ring and played the best defence that most people have ever seen.


    Pacquiao won very few rounds. The rounds that he did win were with body and headshots. Mayweather seemed to not be concerned with the middle rounds. Pacquiao was hit with many counter right hands as he came into Mayweather’s range. The unanimous decision was a foregone conclusion after Mayweather went up by a whole lot in the scorecard. Mayweather won tonight but there is no way that he is the best fighter of this generation. The have such a title you actually have to fight. So to sum it up. Mayweather stays undefeated but still not best fighter.


    Floyd Mayweather defeats Manny Pacquiao by Unanimous Decision (116-112 x 2, 118-110)

  • Top Apple Watch Sports Apps


    We already covered which were the must have apps to download for Apple Watch. Now that is out of the way, here are the top Apple Watch apps by category. For now apps run from your iPhone then show up on your Apple Watch. Once on the Apple Watch they can be accessed in a few ways. You can interact with them in the form of actionable notifications, informative glances, or interactive extensions. You download apps in two different ways. You can download an app from the AppStore that is compatible with Apple Watch or you can use the Apple Watch app to download apps. The first method is the only way to get apps from Family Share. Once an app is download, it will automatically and very conveniently transfer to your Apple Watch. Right now, the Apple Watch AppStore is like the wild wild west. We are going to put it into an order for you or, as the streaming media folks say, curate it. All the apps below are free unless you see a price next to it.

    Just click the category that interest you most. All the apps are free unless you see a price next to it.

    2. News

    3. Sports

    All the Apple Watch apps you'll want to have!

    Sports on your wrist? Aside from the weather, can there be anything better? Yes, it’s not just scores and quick updates. These apps also let you order tickets to sporting events and get play by play of the action. All while you are in line trying to get food from the stand.

    8. Finance

    9. Weather

    10. Travel

    The Full List on one page!


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