2K Sports has been the gold standard for quality and innovation. So much so that Electric Arts (EA) had to create a monopoly by buying the rights to NFL games. Fans and critic alike have nothing but appreciation 2K Sports games. NBA 2K19 is still on the top ten of many sale list. The innovation continues with NBA 2K20.  When the game releases later this year on September 6th it will feature the WNBA. What we don’t know yet is what form 2K Games plans to use the players of the league.

While the WNBA inclusion is a great step; the shape or form of that inclusion could undermine or elevate the experience. I think it is highly important to be able to see what you could become. That is why representation is so important. What kid didn’t dream to be like Mike, Kobe or Labron. Little girls should have that same feeling. This is the not the first time the WNBA will be in a game. We actually have EA to thank for that. The WNBA was in EA’s NBA Live 18 a couple of years ago.

2K Sports is the King of NBA video games so it’s about time that it adds the queens to the game. They also announced the male cover athletes for the forthcoming NBA 2K20. The new Laker Anthony Davis will be on the cover solo this year for the standard and deluxe editions. The legendary Edition of the game will have future Hall of Fame icon Dwaye Wade.

By Rubens Saintel

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