Rogers’ new unlimited data plans sound great for Canadians. Needless to say, they are very excited. While the states have options for cheap data rates. That is not the case for up north. Expensive data services are the norm regardless of what provider you have so unlimited sounds amazing.

However, slow your bandwidth down. Let me breakdown what to expect and the limitations of these plans. The Rogers’ unlimited plans, called ‘Rogers Infinite,’ officially launched on June 13th with three tiers. The three tiers are as follows: Infinite +10 ($75), +20 ($95) and +50 ($125) per month respectfully. The +number refers to how much data you get with the plan.

So far the name Infinite and the “unlimited” claim are holding up. The Rogers Infinite plans will come included unlimited Canada-wide calling and unlimited text, picture, and video messaging from Canada to Canadian numbers. Now the bad news; there will be a speed reduction for when a subscriber goes beyond their max speed data limit.

I know that sounds like common practice. I mean they do that in the states all the time however Rogers speeds will be reduced to 256Kbps for both downloads and uploads. That was not a typo. You will be reduced to the stone-ages regardless of the plan you pay for; if you go over the allotted monthly 10, 20 or 50GB data you paid for. To be fair the folks at Freedom Mobile also throttle down to 256Kbps for downloads once you go over their “unlimited plans” cap.

By Rubens Saintel

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