Do you really want to buy a Tesla for the cool factor or because you really care about the environment? Don’t get me wrong, Teslas are cool but they don’t compare to the look of a classic muscle car. What if you could have all the beauty, performance and power of an iconic muscle car but still leave no impact on the earth? All the roar without the exhaust to choke the trees of life? A relatively new startup by the name of Charge has something for you. They have a classic Mustang with a little something extra that will meet your need.

The British startup’s electric car is a fully electric Mustang speedster that has believe it or not more horse power than the original 1964 American one. This won’t be some knock off. The Charge Mustang car has an officially licensed shell directly from Ford. This will preserve the classic design and styling of the legendary Ford Mustang for the purest out there. That is where the old stops and the new starts. The inside components are made by EV tech company Arrival. The V-8 in the classic has been switched out for two motors that produce 536 hp, 800 lb.-feet of torque. The car can go from 0-to-62 in just 3.99 seconds with a top speed of 149 mph. The power for this kick in the pants comes from a 64-kWh battery, which has a driving range of 200 miles and can accept 50-kW DC fast charging.

“Our fully electric Mustang is built not only on cutting-edge technology and expertise but immense passion—from our love of preserving iconic design to our belief in an emission-free future.”

Charge CEO Vadim Shagaleev.
The Charge Mustang

Now for the reality check. A Tesla is not cheap so if you were thinking about getting one you are must have a well funded bank account. The Charge Mustang takes that assumption to the next level. The Limited run of the cars will cost about $380,000. There will only be 499 units of this beautiful creature produced. The cars are expected to start arriving in September.

By Rubens Saintel

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