iphone 4

iphone 4

You now have global inboxes and ability to sort emails by threads and open attachments in specific apps. It is a about time but not a must have to update.

iPhone OS 4.0 supports multiple Exchange accounts and now supports Exchange Server 2010. Data protection has mobile device management, wireless ad-hoc app distribution, and SSL VPN support. Muli exchange accounts is something that I was looking forward too and since no jailbreak did it right I will be using feature right away.

iBooks on the iPhone work pretty much the same way as on the iPad and you get a free copy of Winnie the Pooh. With so many other book readers out there and Kindle app too; I don’t see the hype.

Game Center
Apple now has its very own clone of Xbox Live and the Playstation PSN. Game Center offers services like: leaderboards, game achievements, and the ability to make and keep tabs on friends. Game Center will scan the network for people of a comparable ability and you’ll be able to do battle on a level playing field. This will be as big as the app store was and make ipod/ipad/iphone the number one game system in a short few years. You heard it here first.

Apple’s App Store has thousands of apps and sorting them is never fun on the ipod/iphone. OS 4.0 users will be able to create folders like “Games” and drag and drop apps into those folders, simplifying the home screen. This is reason enough to upgrade.

Custom backgrounds
Now you can choose a persistent background for your iPhone and not just for the lockscreen. Big deal Jailbreakers and iPad have them.

5x digital zoom
iPhone only unless there is a new iPod Touch soon? hummm

Bluetooth keyboards
This is carryover from the iPad, Bluetooth keyboard support will come to iPhone 4. This has already been in the jailbreak world for a while now too.

Analyzes what you’re currently doing on your iPhone and suggests apps that will be the most appealing to you. Most of them lead to interactive games and videos and they’re all built on HTML5. The ad revenue will be split, 60% to the developer, 40% to Apple. Take that Google and adMob

By Rubens Saintel

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