Apple has more than $100 Billion in its piggy bank for a rainy day. Looks like they are going to use some of that cash to keep its word to the state of Arizona. Apple split with GT Advanced Technologies who at the time was going to be their sapphire supplier. The split caused GT Advanced Technologies to filed for bankruptcy. That meant that GT Advanced Technologies would have to lay off over 700 employees. Apple said that it would replace the jobs lost to  the state. Apple kept it’s promise to Arizona and it cost them $2 billion to do it.

Apple will drop $2 billion to build a new data center in the same spot where GT’s sapphire plant is. Don’t rush to get your job applications just yet Arizona.  Apple won’t even break ground until 2016. It has to give GT Advanced Technologies enough time to tidy up the place and take its equipment away. Apple said it will hire 150 full-time staff at the facility. The project will also create about 500 construction jobs. That is not really going to make up for the close to the 700+ employees that were let go by GT Advanced Technologies but its a start.

By Rubens Saintel

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