It’s that time again fanboys. Google IO will take place May 28th and May 29th. This is the event where Google shows off its new cool software and hardware. This year Google is starting things off early. A whole month ahead of where it was in 2014. If you want to register and why would you not? Signups start at 12PM EST on March 17th. Google said that it wont matter when you jump on to the site to register. That is because it is not first come first serve with Google IO registration. Google once again is running on a lottery system.

Registration will begin March 17 at 9:00AM PDT and will remain open until March 19 at 5:00PM PDT.

Tips to get ready

Make sure you have a Google account. You’ll need to sign into your Google account to begin the registration application process. Don’t worry, there’s no rush. You’ll have plenty of time to submit your registration application. Applicants will be selected at random to receive the opportunity to purchase one ticket. The order in which applications are received has no bearing on the outcome and remember, only one registration application per person is allowed.