NBC has followed in the footsteps of ABC and CBS. NBC now has live streaming on iOS and Android Apps. NBC started the “TV Everywhere” streaming service back in December but it was only for the Website. The latest upgrade to its Android and iOS apps brings NBC live streaming to mobile screens. However there is a catch as there always is with these type of things. Only participating cable or satellite provider’s are supporting this streaming goodness. The second catch is that it will only work where NBC owns the local station.



The NBC apps are universal that equally well on tablets as well as phones. Streaming works best over WiFi but you have the option for a mobile connection. The iOS device version works with AirPlay. Sorry Android fans but you are out of luck for now if you are trying to use Chromecast. There is no support of it as of now.The NBC app also has an expanded the video on-demand library. If now has feel good classic like The A-Team, Miami Vice and Knight Rider. NBC is also supporting full episodes of currently airing stuff but with ads inserted. Feel free to download the NBC app on  the App Store and Google Play.

By Rubens Saintel

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