Remember before Wi-Fi and game systems when kids use to have water balloon fights? Forget your iPhones, iPad and all that other tech. Technology has finally come to help out summer with something important. The folk at Bunch O Balloons came up with a way to automatically tie 37 water balloons at once. These ballrooms automatically do the job of sealing themselves with just a quick tug on the neck.


Zorbz won’t release how its self-sealing technology works exactly because it is a trade secret. What we know is that there is a special valve hidden inside the neck of each balloon that’s activated and sealed with tug. The only downside to this summer time marvel is that filling the balloons will take a special nozzle that’s included with every package. A 50 pack of Zorbz just $3.50 or you can get a pack of 100 for cost $7 online. Yes, that is way more expensive than regular balloons but for an extra few bucks.

By Rubens Saintel

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