EcoSquid solves this problem by creating a single platform that integrates trade-in and recycling programs from major retailers, resellers, non-profits, and recyclers. Rather than researching these programs individually, a consumer can use EcoSquid to find the best deals in a matter of seconds.
How It Works

Find Your Product

Use EcoSquid’s search bar to find the electronic product that you wish to resell or recycle. Check out these search tips for quickly locating your product on the site.

Tell Us About Your Product

Next, you will give more details about your product that EcoSquid uses to retrieve relevant offers. It only takes a few seconds!

Find Matching Trade-in
and Recycling Offers

Click the “Find Matching Offers” button, and EcoSquid scours the web to find all possible resale and recycling offers that match your product.

Select the Best Offer

Identify which offer provides the greatest value and convenience for handling your product. Take advantage of our “Compare Services” feature and user ratings to make an informed decision.

Complete Your Transaction!

Click to select the offer you like, and EcoSquid takes you to that offer’s website to complete the transaction.

By Rubens Saintel

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