There was a report on Monday that claimed that Netflix thinking about inserting pre-roll and post-roll ads in its original programs. Well thankfully Netflix will not become like Hulu. Says no ads anytime soon! At least that’s what they say for now.

“We have zero intention of putting ads on our platform; no change at all in policy,” ~Netflix spokesman


Keep in mind that Netflix told Vice it is in fact conducting advertising test. You don’t do test unless you want to succeed in something. Since you are testing ads. It is fair to say you want ads to work. Which brings us back to, “not anytime soon.” It’s only logical that Netflix looks for new places of revenue to cover the price of producing phenomenal shows like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards. The tests show that Netflix wants to do it. It is just working out the how and when without pissing out its customers. I for one refuse to pay for a service only to get ads in the middle of my shows. I’m looking at you Hulu!


By Rubens Saintel

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