tom brady

tom brady

“If the can’t get N.F.L. a federal appeals court to issue an emergency injunction, Brady will play the Steelers in the Patriots’ opening game Sept. 10”

It must be nice to be Tom Brady. Last season he luckily won the Super Bowl because of very stupid play call by Seahawks, today he has won the right to skip his suspension. Even though no one else was able to have their suspension removed. Adrian Peterson was forced out of the game for a whole season for something that did not directly effect the game. That is not to say what he did was wrong but it did not effect other players in the game. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots cheated to get to the Super Bowl. Some felt four games was a slap on the wrist. What he did had a clear and direct impact on the sport. Yet, somehow the N.F.L. only gave him for games. The New England Patriots as a team got fined for the cheating. The owner paid the fine and moved on. Mr. Tom “Above the Rules” Brady was not having it. The star quarterback destroyed his phone so evidence would not be used against him and went to court. What happen? The golden prevailed in his battle. The already light four-game suspension was overturned by Judge Richard M. Berman of Federal District Court in Manhattan.  To be clear the judge didn’t touch the facts of the reason Tom Brady was suspended in the first place.

  • New England won the A.F.C. championship game, against the Indianapolis Colts, 45-7, scoring most of its points in the second half after the Colts had complained about the balls. It was later found that the balls were tampered with. 

Instead the issue was swept under the carpet for a more easier ruling. The judged looked into whether the collective bargaining agreement between the N.F.L. and the players union gave Goodell the authority to carry out the suspension. The agreement does because thats what the NFL and the players agreed on but Judge Berman ruled that it did not. So does that mean going forward players will not get suspended for their actions on or off the field? I’d say yes but only to the select few that are held at a higher regard. In other words it’s ok to cheat the game for a competitive advantage but do anything that effects only yourself or family is not okay. Sorry Vick (dogs), Rice (wife) and Peterson (child). Next time just cheat in the game and then destroy the evidence.

By Rubens Saintel

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