iphone6sLast year Apple had opening-weekend sales 10 million new iPhones. That is an incredible accomplishment and a record but guess what?  As expected Apple shattered iPhone sales records again. Apple sold astonishing 13 million new iPhones over the weekend. It’s nearly impossible to think how Apple can top that of sales level next year. Keep in mind that this year Apple had two full weeks of presales instead of one week like last year. Another difference with this year is that Apple’s new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus was also available in China in initial launch markets. China is a big market for everyone. Apple is no different when it comes to this territory.

The extra care helped a lot. The initial release window of Friday, September 25th to sunday netted Apple an extra 3 million iPhone sales compared to last year. That number only includes all preorders that were delivered through the end of this past weekend, as well as all in-store sales at Apple Stores and partner retail stores. That number can only go up from there since the new Apple iPhone models will also launch in 40 more countries on October 9th.