Marvel’s ‘Doctor Strange first trailer looks like a cross between Inception and The Matrix. Which is a good thing. Marvel has been on a roll to say the least. The folks at Marvel have knocked out great superhero movies one after another ever since the first Iron Man. This year they adding another hero to their already incredible line up.  Doctor Strange is getting his own movie this year. I would be quick to point out why would he get his own movie when there are so many other Marvel heroes that are more talented. I had reservations about Ant Man as well. However that movie turned out to be fantastic. Michael Douglas gave a wonderful performance and Paul Rudd was surprisingly funny.

So I will reserve all judgement Benedict Cumberbatch playing Doctor Strange. The plot of this movie is neurosurgeon Stephen Vincent embarks on a multi-dimensional quest to fix his injured hands. In the process he gains magic powers and becomes Doctor Strange. The Sorcerer Supreme, Earth’s protector against magical and mystical things.


Like all of Marvel’s movies there is more going on than just what you see on the surface. Doctor Strange’s story gives us additional info on the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War movies.  At the moment we have no idea how Doctor Strange is also connected to the events in the upcoming Avengers movies since the movies don’t follow the comics. We will have to wait for the movies to launch in 2018 and 2019. Doctor Strange premiers in theaters on November 4th. The first teaser trailer for Doctor Strange below.

By Rubens Saintel

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