Dyson has taken a break from re-engineering vacuum cleaners and fans to apply its expertise to the hair dryer. The fan while a great appliance but you probably don’t use it everyday like a hair dryer. Will the Dyson Supersonic get as popular enough to replace your hair dryer in your bathroom?  I think this has a real chance. The Dyson Supersonic is lighter, safer, and quieter than every single dryer on the market. How did it make this happen? We could just answer with a simple “It’s Dyson.” However that might not make folks happy. The real answer is that it all started with shrinking the size of their motors. You can see the difference below. High-end hair dryers have motors the size of Go Karts. That explains how it builds up so much heat but this is loud and can damage your hair. It can also leave you all burnt up. Dyson has replaced that monster motor with its own V9 digital motor. The Dyson V9 motor does two things. First it makes the Dyson Supersonic lighter and less power-hungry than other dryers. Second that very annoying high-pitched sound is gone. Instead the Dyson Supersonic makes an even higher frequency beyond the reach of human hearing. Wonder if your pets can hear it? Another bonus is that the motor is completely in the Supersonic’s handle instead of the head of the dryer.

You might wonder if that little V9 motor can still produces the same intense heat needed for lovely flowing hair goodness. It can due to blast air multiplier techniques Dyson came up with for its fans. The Dyson Supersonic is not all hot air. (See what I did there?) To help you from getting burns, the dryer has built-in sensors that monitor the heating elements in the head 20 times every second. What that means in plain english is that you will get a constant temperature. Should things get too hot the Dyson Supersonic will automatically shut down. Dyson even worked to make the Supersonic’s accessories smart. The Dyson Supersonic concentrator, smoothing nozzle, and diffuser all can attach using a magnetic ring. The accessories also stay cool to the touch because they are protected by a double-walled design. Added bonus mean you can easily to swap out accessories without playing hot potato. How much will all this innovation cost? Well, this a Dyson product. Dyson products are the Apple products of the appliance world. The Dyson Supersonic comes in at $400 and hits stores in September. That being said, the price is worth it if you think this will be the last dryer you will need in your bathroom.

By Rubens Saintel

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