Just when you thought innovation in the TV space was dead; Panasonic shows off that the glass ceiling is very much broken. Their new ultra-thin 4K displays has incredible picture quality at ridiculously low prices. Now have given the public its first glimpse of the future of TV. They have managed to re-invent the HDTV. Forget 4K or HDR. Panasonic is taking a page from the movie Back to the Future II and pretty much every future predicting science fiction movie with its new HDTV. They have a transparent OLED TV with such a high quality that it could be mistaken for a window. The picture above shows how the TV looks when turned off vs on. It basically looks like a transparent piece of glass.


This is not a new concept but it is the first that has the possibility to move beyond vaporware. They initially introduced at CES. However that was just a demo. It was not ready for primetime. Panasonic using a OLED panel instead of an LED screen was the key to making this wonderful TV. When the Panasonic is turned off it is completely transparent. In case you were wondering about the Panasonic TV picture quality; it is still just as bright, vivid and crisp as any other set on the market.

By Rubens Saintel

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