Apple names your program “app of the year”. The Internet is all a buzz about you. Your app appears in Apple’s wonderfully done ads.  So you should be able to get any artist you want to rep your product. Or at least be able to pay who you want. Right..Right…? Nope. Flipboard is going to have none other that an MC that Jay-Z recently verbally killed on a track. That’s right MC Hammer is going to be dropping a new single on the app. He will also be on Oprah at the same time showing off the app. But the developers have paid MC Hammer to visit their offices and have the video featured on Oprah’s website.

It seems that we may have sold him short though. He knows his tech. I mean anyone that can get meetings with the co-founder of twitter has to know what they are talking about.

By Rubens Saintel

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