I. Anyone anytime  aka Hoe or man whore

Nothing is really needed to be said about this. You know what it is.

II. Well now?!

In today’s society, after your 5th good date together, you both know that sex is a forgone conclusion. Sex is more of a formality than a result of any type of  passion at the moment in heat. Then you find out s/he [add new discovery here].. well now..

III. Morning Pick me up

Whoever said that best part about waking up is Folger’s in my cup must have never had morning sex.

IV. Wait. What, now? Really?

One of my favorite sex type  is when I am watching TV or playing the Xbox then out the blue;  Wait. What, now? Really?   You’re in bed on your iPad, on the couch watching TV and an innocent touch on the thigh turns into a rub, the rub turns into a that, then  that turns into this and before you know it you’re at it like wild animals.

V. Not yours, Mine or Protected by Viper Stand back

Say your significant other is going out with her girls or he is going  have lunch with an old “friend” from college. Aka the enemy will be there. What do you do? Tell them to have a good time, and give them the business for all your worth before you send them on their way; leaving your DNA on them for the rest of the night.

VI. Shhhh! We need to be quiet

Sneaky sex is that hush hush we need some pillows. Home for Christmas don’t want the family to hear us type of sex.  For some reason the thrill of danger works well for a lot of people. Not to mention the  muffled moans and silent shudders.

VII. Love

It feels like time stops  you see the heavens part and doves fly around her head. The orgasm don’t mean as much as the person you are with.  I just got a cavity.

VIII. Remember me?

You hook up with a person from your past and it doesn’t take them long to remind you why you put up with them for so long.  This is dangerous because the sex is so good you might temporarily forget why you left.

VIII. Keep it on

From time to time, I mus say there is something sexy about her riding while still in a nice black skirt and white blouse. I’m sure your partner can wear other things but that works for me.

IX. Just that

So you thought it was going to be  a full round and it turns out it was just foreplay. “What a waste of time” you think to yourself. Until you notice some new tricks.

X.  Your favorite

This is what works for you regardless what you have read.


It has been brought to my attention that I forgot about two very important types of sex. Thank you to all those that sent in emails and tweets via Twitter at me.  So here you go the two requested.

XI. Angry

This one has been known to be triggered on purpose by us guys just to go at it. It hot wild and without any apologies. The best stress reliever known to man. Not good for fixing any issues in the relationship but for a little while you have no problems. Just bliss.

XII. Make up

Welcome back home. Where have you been. Why were we apart so long. Don’t mistake make up sex for Remember sex. Remember sex is a one time maybe two time thing with someone you know you are not going back to. Make up sex is after you who have been fighting and you are now all clam. Talked it out and moved on. You are going at it as one again. Good times.

By Rubens Saintel

Proud father, #Haitian, photographer, consultant, writer & entrepreneur. I love video games, movies, plays, technology (surprise), beta testing apps and all things sci-fi. SaintelDaily.com |AppleWatch101.com | NBA101.com