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There seems to be a lot of speculation in the media, around Prime Minister Justin Trudea and Ivanka Trump.  Yes, they both attended the same Broadway show, but that doesn’t mean they attended together.  There were many Canadians in attendance, so it’s extremely likely that Ivanka was invited by PMJT.  So what’s the big deal?  We need to ignore the scuttlebutt, which points to something salacious, and really assess this as a political move.  The show itself is a story of how a community came together to help passengers who were stranded after their plane was re-routed to Gander, Newfoundland on 9/11.

Presuming that he actually invited Ivanka, what exactly was the message that he hoped to convey?  Maybe he was trying to show true kindness?  Maybe he was trying to show what a community can achieve when they work together for a common goal.  Or what people in general can achieve when their main concern is not themselves.  There’s no way of knowing exactly what his intention was, but it’s safe to say that there was an underlying message.

And an even larger political move at play.  So what was it?  Canada has always worked hard to keep up a good relationship with the United States.  Often, the leaders don’t always have the same views, or even political beliefs, but they seem to be able to put that aside for the common good.  PMJT seems to be on good terms with President Trump, so I have a theory.  Which is, President Trump seems to be viewed as the “school yard bully”.  Maybe this is a simplistic comparison, but let’s think about it.  He doesn’t seem to get along with anyone who challenges his views, and he is constantly putting people down on Twitter.

So what did your mom tell you to do about the school yard bully?  In my day the message was to ignore them.  If you don’t give them ammunition, they eventually go away.  They want attention more than anything, and by fighting back you’re giving them what they want.  Where am I going with this?  PMJT is pretending like the bully doesn’t exist.  He acknowledges his relationship with the President, but gives the appearance that he isn’t a bully.  And not because he doesn’t agree.  This is merely a way to downplay it, and to do his part to “contain” the situation.

Do you not think the saying “keep your friends close, and your enemy’s closer” applies in this situation?  I’m not suggesting that they are enemy’s as I think PMJT is a bigger person than that.  But I do think that he’s trying to do his part to contain the situation and not fuel the fire.  Inviting Ivanka to a show is his way of maintaining the relationships.  Showing good faith.  And is that such a bad thing?

One could argue that I’m reading into this more than is necessary, but I think other people are reading into it in a different context. I think this shows that PMJT sees the bigger picture and won’t let a difference of opinion damage such a long relationship.  In fact, after the show, PMJT told a CBC reporter “we’re always going to have differences of approaches on certain issues, but the fundamental hopes for the future, the responsibilities of keeping people safe, and building a better future for the kids is something that we can always agree to”.  Which is commendable.

Politics is a game.  Full stop.  I think we are naive if we think otherwise.  All PMJT is doing is putting it into a positive context.  And good for him.  Even if you don’t agree with him or his political views, you have to give him credit for being able to see the bigger picture here and at least doing his part to maintain a good relationship with the United States.

By Staff Writer

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