I know there is no way you were able to get to all the April Fools pranks happening so we did you a favor. Here are the best tech ones in one spot. The T-Mobile one is my favorite. I mean I would actually order it on Amazon if it was real. The Google Ms. Pac-Man game was actually fun to play. This year more than others, April’s fool was a hit.


Google went all out this year. With a few great and a few not so great pranks from the different departments. From the Google Maps team, Ms. Pac Maps. It turns any map on iPhone and Android in a huge Pac-Maps game. It’s actually fun. There is the Bubble Wrap Keyboard, Google Gnome and Haptic Helpers.



Netflix Live!


Hulu: Hu Short Cuts 

Hulu is cutting shows to just a few seconds.

Amazon: Petlexa

Amazon Echo that can talk to animals.

Lyft: Power Glove

Raise your hand in the air and request a ride.



T-Mobile: ONEsie

T-Mobile ONEsie full-body wearable that monitors everything for $40 is fake but I want it!

Lucid: The Haramed Mattress

I don’t know if I want to laugh or smh. I ended up doing both.