The BBC iPlayer app for the iPad will be released this Thursday. After years and years of waiting.  A BBC iPlayer engineer Geoff Marshall made it official with just one tweet.

iPlayer App for iPad is being released this Thursday – 10th Feb. 3G connection is browse only. Browse+Playback requires Wi-Fi. #iplayer

The iPlayer is the BBC’s  Hulu. Not Netflix as it is mostly shows. I love to use the web version and have waited for a while to get this app. Since it is going to be a UK only version. You might have to use a proxy to get it to work for you.   The BBC is forbidden from charging for its content in the UK and is instead funded by a compulsory license fee. That is why they have to find another way to make money with this app. Look for an international paid version to come out after the UK only free one.  Finally I will be able to get my Spooks fix on my iPad.

By Rubens Saintel

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