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Apple has recently added a new app to the App store.  Apple Clips essentially allows you to create videos.  I will get into more detail later, but I want to talk about the premise of the app.  Not only does it allow you to create a video but it also allows you to add some  fun emoji’s or text into the video.  I should note that the videos don’t necessarily have to be of yourself.  You have the option of grabbing a video from somewhere else and using it, but only if it’s saved on your device.  You can also apply filters to either images or videos to give them a cool comic book look for example.

Apple Clips Filters

Overall, I think Apple Clips is really great.  Lately I’ve been “in charge” of making slideshows for family get togethers – mostly birthdays.  Which can take a lot of time and effort.  What’s nice about this is that I can make said slideshow on the go.  I am super keen on cramming as much as I possibly can into my day.  Having this app on my phone would let me work on that.  However, the downside to this is that I don’t know how large of a video file you can create.  Presumably it would be based on how much storage you have on your phone.  And I do not have a lot.  Thus limiting me in this capacity.  But still super cool.

As far as some of the other cool features , you can add words on top of you image or video – such as these:

Apple Clip Words

Add emojis, or an entire slide.  Both giving you the ability to tailor your video to whomever you’re sending it to or sharing it with:

Apple Clips Slides
Apple Clips Emojis

And lastly one of my favourite features is the ability to add music to your video.  Like I said, I have been making these slideshows for family members, so this makes it super easy.  You can add music from your own iTunes library, or use one of the “soundtracks” located in the app.

Soundtrack options in Apple Clips

Apple clips is free on the App Store.  You can save the final video into your Photo Library or into iCloud.  You can also share the video with your friends through Instagram, Facebook, Youtube or Vimeo.  Oh and one thing I forgot – when you do create a video of yourself, you can add live captions and titles right into the video. All really neat features.  So lets recap:

Pros – add filters to make your video a little bit fancier, add emojis, slides and words to customize the video to your audience, and use the soundtracks available in the app, or music from iTunes to give your video a little kick.

Cons –  I haven’t said much about the bad things because there aren’t that many.  But you can’t pull any photos from iCloud.  You have to save them into your Photo Library first.  Which might not be a big deal, but definitely an extra step.  As I mentioned, I don’t have a lot of storage available on my phone.  So if you do create a video using images from your phone, and then save it into your Photo Library, you must also keep those images on your phone indefinitely, I guess.  If you delete the photos, you essentially delete the contents of the video.  Which, in my opinion is a little annoying.

It also makes a creates a pretty large size file.  So just be careful with that.

Apple Clips missing clips

Cost: As I mentioned, the cost of this app is free.

Aye/Nay:  I say “aye” on this one.  Very easy to use.  It does take time to create the video that you want, but anything good always takes time.

Below is a video I created with the app.  Enjoy!


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