Wall Street Journal’s Yukari Iwatani Kane seems to have information about  the Apple  iPad 2. It’s not really anything that I have not blogged about or heard about yet.  They are thinner, lighter design, front-facing camera, and higher display.  Kane says:

The new device will be thinner, lighter and will come with a faster processor, more memory and a more powerful graphics processor, said the people familiar with the matter. It will have a front-facing camera for the first time for features like video-conferencing, but the resolution of the new iPad’s display will be similar to the first iPad, they said.

You have read my iPad 2 facts before. Here is what I do think now though. The iPad 2 will be come 3G versions and wi-fi. The 3G will be available on both AT&T and Verizon at the same time. It will be the same iPad2. It will have a single  GSM/CDMA chip like the one in the new Verizon iPhone 4.

By Rubens Saintel

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