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CBS All Access was originally launched back in 2014, as an “over-the-top” subscription streaming service.  The cost then (as it is now) was $5.99 a month, with the option to eliminate all advertisements at a cost of $9.99 a month.  Well, now CBS All Access is adding movies to its line up.  What’s neat about this service is that it gives you access to it’s own original programming.  Much like Netflix.  So does this mean we are going to see more “original” series from this service?  Or will we simply see more of a variety of shows being offered?  And in this case, that means movies.  Access to these movies is available at no additional charge, but right now there are only 18 movie titles in the catalog.  Including several from the Star Trek franchise.  Making you wonder if this isn’t building momentum for the Star Trek: Discovery series.

How does this compare to other streaming services available?  Well, DirecTV Now has expanded its options to include access to local TV stations.  Which is huge.  Or at least, it is in my opinion.  One of the downsides to these streaming options is that you don’t get access to local television.  And maybe that’s ok?  Maybe you can get your news elsewhere, but if that’s the case, you’re not going to drive customers to your service.  Meaning, if you’re not offering much more than what they currently have access to, it’s unlikely that they will want to purchase the service.  Yes, I said much more, because people are unlikely to switch if the benefits of the new don’t far outweigh the benefits of the now.

I’m getting off topic here now.  The other advantage that DirecTV Now has over CBS All Access is that it has access to other networks.  CBS is only airing CBS shows.  Which, I’d like to add, in one case is amazing.  Have you seen “The Good Fight”?  If you haven’t, it’s a spin-off from the CBS Show “The Good Wife”.  But maybe it’s just me.  But it seems that CBS is onto something.  With the idea that they are going to create original programming to help increase the number of subscriptions is actually very smart.  Because that’s the market you need to be in today to compete.  Sure, DirecTV’s option might seem like a better one, but all it’s doing is offering you shows you could watch somewhere else.  Let’s say, through a cable subscription.

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The idea of cutting the cable is huge these days, and rightfully so.  So why not give viewers a reason to cut the cord?  Like I said, offering access to local TV is great, but how is that better than a cable subscription?  In this case, it’s not cheaper.  Originally, DirecTV launched a 100 channel option for $35, but ended that back in late 2016.  Presumably as a way to bring customers over to their service.  That being said, the $35 option, if it was still available, would make it worth it.  I’m not seeing the benefit of the service, if I’m not gaining anything in terms of benefits.  While I’m not saying that CBS All Access is the way to go, it will be if you want to watch The Good Fight, or the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery series.  And presumably they won’t stop there.

I think that in order to cut the cord, you need to be able to find a service that will give you what you want for less than what you’re paying now.  Or give you more at the same rate you’re paying now.  But in some cases, that “more” isn’t worth it.  Especially when some of these services are offered to customers with the idea that their subscription fees could increase.  Without notice.  So maybe these services aren’t worried about long term commitments right now, but they should start to worry as there is a bigger market for these options now.  Cord cutters are intelligent.  They are getting rid of an archaic system in an attempt to be more modern and to have options.  Being able to watch TV through whatever platform you choose, and for a price that fits in with their lifestyle.  Cord cutters want options.  Don’t sell them snake oil and tell them it’s medicine.

By Staff Writer

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