ios 11

ios 11

With iOS 11 coming soon, there are many rumours out there as to what it will include.  Has the anticipation of new technology made us unable to live in the present?  I am not trying to get overly zen here, but it always seems like we are looking for the next thing.  And we always need to know what it’s going to look like right now.  Don’t get me wrong. I am the kid (and adult) who can’t wait to open her Christmas or Birthday presents.  I understand what it’s like to want to know.  And want to know immediately.  So I can completely understand why “we” want and need to know what the next thing is going to be.

Fortunately, for the kid in all of us, we don’t have to wait.  That’s what the internet is for.  To fuel speculation and rumours.  All that being said, what is going to come from the next version of iOS?  Well, there is speculation that Apple is going to take its music player to the next level.  As far as specifics go, it’s unknown.  But the thought is that Apple wants to make its music player more than just about music.  The technology lover in me thinks this is great.  But there is part of me that thinks – if it’s not broke, why fix it?  Especially around the fact that it’s a music player.  It’s for music.  It sounds like Apple wants to add in the capability for video and maybe some kind of feature for unsigned bands.

All great features, but in my opinion is the music player the place for it?  Apple is also looking at some original programming by way of TV and movies.  It is reported that Apple will have 10 original series by the end of 2017.  This is something I can get behind, but I’m not sure that Apple Music is the place for it. At least that’s my opinion.  And maybe it comes from my need for all things to have a place on my phone.  You may remember my posts about the use of Instagram.  I like my apps that have a specific use to have that use.  It’s not that I don’t like change, because I do, but I can be traditional about some things.

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What is also amazing (other than the possibility of a sequel to R. Kelly’s “Trapped in the Closet”) is the possibility of the operating system including features for augmented reality.  Which could give us some pretty cool features.  Some examples show the operating system giving someone very specific directions.  Specifically, holding the phone up and viewing how far the subway platform is away from them, which train to take and how long it will take them to get to their destination.  Which is a really neat feature from a travel perspective.  Especially if you’re in a new city, but I also wonder what this could do for someone who is blind?  Would the Voice Over feature work on top of this?

What other features could augmented reality give us and what does that mean for the future of these devices?  And technology in general?  I’m excited for the update myself, as I will be looking for a new phone towards the end of the year.  I hope though, that Apple doesn’t give us everything and leaves us in a position where we want more.

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