android vs apple

Android vs Apple

For many a posts, I have suggested that there is a great divide between Android and iOS users.  I also recently posted that the number of Android users far exceeds that of iOS users.  It would seem that Apple is now looking at these numbers and trying to figure out what to do.  Is it possible to persuade Android users to switch to iOS?  To come to the dark side, so to speak.  Or is it a case of brand loyalty, like I’ve suggested numerous times?  Whatever the answer is, Apple is tackling the idea that maybe they need (or want) more people using iOS.

How are they doing this, you ask?  They have been releasing short videos to showcase why their operating system is better.  They released three earlier in the month, and then another three today.  But I wonder how effective this strategy will be for them?  If I’m being honest, the videos actually aren’t that good.  They don’t necessarily explain what you’re getting.  I should rephrase.  They tell you what you’re getting, but they don’t explain it in a way that would make you consider switching.  Let me explain.  In one of today’s videos there is what is supposed to be a criminal taking over “your phone”.  But he’s not able to get into the iPhone because it’s so secure.  If I’m going to consider switching, shouldn’t you tell me how it’s so secure?

mac vs pc

As I’m writing this, I am thinking about this from a marketing perspective.  Who remembers the “Get a Mac” commercials that ran from about 2006-2009?  It featured Justin Long as Mac and John Hodgeman as PC.  The reason I’m bringing this up is because it made a clear distinction between products.  Mac’s are hip, cool and fun.  While PC’s are old and stuffy.  That was apparent by the brown suit that Hodgeman wore in the commercials.  My point is that Apple made a distinction between these two products.  And even if you didn’t know what the Mac did, you had a sense that it was cool.  And that made you drawn to it.  Or at least it did for me.

So why is Apple being so vague with these videos?  My thought is that they are unable to spin the products like they were back then.  The new Android phones that are available now, or coming in the near future really are giving the iPhone a run for its money.  So what else is Apple going to do?  My first thought is to say that they should build a better product, but is that even possible?  I’m not trying to be cheeky here.  It’s a legitimate question.  Can they build something better than what is currently out there?  There is a lot of speculation as to what the iPhone 8 is going to look like, and it all kind of lines up with the latest Galaxy.

The commercials are fun, but they aren’t telling me anything about the product.  Maybe it’s just a tease, and there will be some more information coming later on?  With these ads, I don’t think Apple is going to see the results that it hopes.  But you be the judge.  Have a look and let me know.


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