I am all about saving money.  And for any of you who have read any of my previous posts, you also know that I am a big fan and supporter of cutting the cord.  In favour of streaming services to access TV and movies.  Plex is killing me though.  I mean that in a good way.  I can’t understand how they are doing what they are doing.  For those of you who are unfamiliar, Plex is a Media Server.  Essentially you can organize your movies, pictures and songs using Plex.  And it seems to be free?  I write question mark as I think of the old adage that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and I wonder if it applies here.  But I digress.  It has a free and premium version with premium offering you quite a bit more.

The reason I’m writing about this is because they’ve also added Live TV and a DVR option.  So I ask you – is this too good to be true?  I want to believe in this.  I want to have faith, but I struggle with the idea that something this great doesn’t cost anything.  Even the free version seems to be incredible.  Plex started beta testing the DVR option last fall, and is now offering both Live TV and the DVR option to it’s PlexPass subscribers.

plex tv

According to Engadget, subscribers will “need to bring their own tuner(s), connected to a TV antenna or cable jack, but Plex will do the rest.” So what does this mean?  Well, it’s a little bit more complicated than I had originally thought.  But it does speak to my point about it being too good to be true.  Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against a little hard work.  Especially if it means super cheap or even free TV.  But I also wonder how complicated this is going to be?  Would I be able to do this myself, or would I need to call one of my techie friends over to help? If it’s the latter, it might not be an option for me.

I’m not saying I can’t hook a tuner up to a cable jack, but is there something else that is required of me than just plug and play?  The video below claims that TV is magically out there somewhere floating in the internet.  This kind of thought makes me laugh.  But at the same time does raise an interesting question about how people are able to get this for free.

I sound a bit skeptical, but that’s because I am.  I worry that people are going to “buy into” this system and then not be able to use it.  I suppose if it’s free, the only thing they’ve wasted is their time.  If it is legit, then I want to know how I can get on board.  My ideal way of watching TV is free and using an online streaming service, but those are hard to come by.  If you can figure out a way around them, they might be blocked by your ISP.  Is it worth the time and energy to figure that out?  Or is it easier to simply pay for a system that has everything you want and need?

By Staff Writer

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