Today’s post on the gov asking for Facebook passwords and logins got me thinking. What would an employer find on my account?  There is an app for that. Sort of. It’s a website.

If you’re applying for a job or school, you’re always warned that your Facebook profile can be your demise. You try to block all people who might be taking a sneak peek into your private life and delete  photos that are just not safe for eyes other than yours. However the written posts on your wall .

SocioClean connects with your Facebook profile (Remember to unconnect it after you run your test) and looks at what you and everyone else has written on it.

I ran the Webapp on my profile and got a big fat F.  My biggest violations were profanity and sexual references:

When I looked deeper I found it was not really anything bad at all.  Most of the writings on my wall that were offensive didn’t come from me and those that did were sent in from my twitter feed that talked about news events.

The program looks for words not the context of those words. The word fire was flag aggressive even though it was use to say “Kobe is on fire tonight”


Should you try out the app to see what experience you have?  It’s free. Yes you should try it out. While the app was way off. It did shed some light on what my friends were posting and brought post from when I was a little less careful with my post.  I went back and deleted those old post and blocked some “Friends” from posting on my wall.  I should be fine now because unlike this app. A human can read between the lines and understand context.

By Rubens Saintel

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  1. I tried out socioclean and I got what I thought was an undeserving “F”. I used their ignore word/instance functionality and was able to bring my grade to a “B” (going on the fridge!). But personally I like their approach – Some of the words/conversations returned from my perspective were not what I consider damaging/inappropriate but if someone else was to read some of those comments or take things I said out of context – I could definitely see the harm it could cause.

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