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sticky ai

Are you of the opinion that there aren’t enough social media stickers for you to enjoy?  If this sounds like you, then Sticky AI is for you.  The app allows you to take a selfie and, well… add stickers.  There are some other features in there too, like being able to remove the background, and actually change what the photo looks like.  Think – drawing.  Either black/white or with colour.  But that’s about it.  Which makes me wonder if it’s even worth it?  If you’re big into sharing these kinds of stickers with your friends, then perhaps.  But honestly, it doesn’t have that many features.

Basically, you take a selfie.  Or you use an existing one.  From there, you remove the background.  You can add a background in, but it’s a solid colour only.  Which, doesn’t seem that exciting to me.  If I’m creating stickers, I want them to be fun.  I want to add something ridiculous in there.  Like a dinosaur.  Making it look like it’s going to bite my head off.  But as it stands you can only change it to a colour.  And not even a fancy colour.  Like red, green and blue.  From there, you can change the way the face looks.  So, if you want it to look more like a drawing, you can.  Your options are: your original image, black and white drawing, or colour drawing.  And lastly, you can add some words in there.

sticky ai

You can send these to your friends in iMessage, or post to social media.  It looks like a fun app, but honestly it’s kind of just fluff if you ask me.  It is really simple to use, so if you’re new to stickers, this might be the way to go.  It’s not that dynamic in terms of it’s capabilities, so again, it’s not really that great.

I am always keen to learn more about new apps, and what people are doing to make their social media more interesting.  But I don’t really think this is the way to do it.  Instagram and Snapchat both have these capabilities built into them.  So why not use those?  Why create a whole other application in order to achieve the same or a similar effect?  I guess I’m just not sold on this as a stand alone app.

sticky ai

I downloaded the app, as well as read a review online.  But I thought that maybe I wasn’t giving it enough credit so I Googled “Sticky AI” as well.  The first search result was not the app through the App Store, but rather another product called “Sticky”.  Why am I telling you this?  Well, it kind of annoyed me.  It’s too confusing.  Yes, I get that one is an app, and the other is more of a software platform, but I don’t have time to figure these things out.  Nor do I want to.  Finding your product shouldn’t be difficult.

Pros:  It’s fun and entertaining. It doesn’t require a lot of thought or brain power, which, in my opinion can make something fun.  It’s entertaining because it gives you an alternate way to interact with your friends in social media.

Cons: It lacks substance, in my opinion.  Why exactly?  Well, it doesn’t have a lot going for it.  Maybe they will make some changes in an update, but right now it doesn’t have a lot of options.  For example – only a few options for background colours.  If the app had more features and options, then I might feel differently about this.

Cost: Free.

Aye/Nay: Definitely a nay for me.  It might be fun for some people, but I doubt that I would use it as a stand alone app.

iTunes Link: Sticky AI

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